Evohome & virtual devices

I would like to create a virtual device thermostat and link it to one of my evohome thermostats.
The first part I manage, but how to link such a virtual device to a specific thermostat? Obviously that are already created as device based on the Honeywell app.
With the following flow attempt I get an error: invalid capability. Whereby I try to map both values of the thermostat (current temp and set temp) to the virtual device.


The first temperature should not be the temperature tag, but the text: measure_temperature

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Hi, Thanks for the advice. Error message is now solved.
Now I have this flow: https://homey.app/f/GUCbaC/
Interesting though is that this results in the following values:

But this is not what the Honeywell device is showing:
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-20 om 16.30.39

Current temp seems to be ok. But how to get the target temp correct?
In principle the device can show two data point, but I only manage to feed it one with this flow :thinking:

Same procedure, use: target_temperature

Thanks, I was thinking that you need to deal with that one card. Duplicating it for the target_temp works.
One thing leads to another: now I see on the icon of the virtual device only the target temp being displayed. Can this be extended so that it shows both?

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