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Coming Soon, SDK3 and some new features

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Version 4.3.1 has some improvements :

  • multi locations on thermostat devices.
  • multi location for quik actions.
  • polling from 3 minutes to 60sec.
  • SDK3

For multilocations you can ether do 2 things.

  1. log in to Home | Total Connect Comfort International with you evohome credentials and add the location, pair your evohome controller with the mac en crc.
  2. Share a evohome account with your own evonhome account.

After that add the devices in homey, for the quickactions pair with the new added driver/device(quickaction)

Because of the wrong implementation of the auth authentication in version 3.1.3 polling time was set to 3 minutes, this is in version 4.0.0 fixed and now polling time for thermostats and quikactions is set back to 10 seconds.

Upgrade to Homey SDK3

BE AWARE if you upgrading from version 3.1.3. to version 4.x.x
** upgrade from version 3.1.2 or lower wil fail, so first upgrade to 3.1.3 then upgrade to 4.0.0 **

  • The current thermostat devices will be preserved!
  • Some flows will be broken and are removed or moved to the device.
  • Some useless tokens are removed

Trigger / token : Any changing temperature is removed. Homey’s device driven architecture makes this flow useless,
Use the device flow trigger and tokens.

Trigger . token : Mode changed not via Homey is removed. Becasue of the multilocation implementation, there now way on this card ti tell from which location the quickaction is triggered.
Use the device flow trigger and tokens.

Actioncard : Set QuickAction is moved to the quikaction device card.

Actioncard : Set Temporary QuickAction is removed. This actioncard was on timebased(hour) but in evhomepanel most quickactions is only daily basis (expect the eco/boost mode)

Actioncard : Set QuickAction manual entry is removed.
Becasue of the multilocation implementation, there now way on this card ti tell from which location the quickaction is triggered.
Use the device flow triggers and tokens.

Actioncard : Cancel adjustments in all zones is removed. . Becasue of the multilocation implementation, on all locations the temperature cancel will fire.
User the cancel temperatur adjustment card on the device.

General setting for username and password is removed. Just enter your credentials during pairing,. Or use the repair on one of the device if you e.g. change your evohome credentials

Hi after the update from 3.1.3 to 4.0.0 all devices are not working anymore. Error unauthorized please repair. Readding them also don’t work. Repair is also not working.

If there any problems with version 4.0.0 please don`t send manual diagnostic report.
I can’t reply to that.
Use this topic please

@Fusionyx , I have seen you diagnostic report.

First init of de devices was, then you added and deleted a second location
Don’t know why?
Did you already try to restart the app?

Yeah restarted app doesn’t work. I didnt added locations I already had one named Fusionyx. For the rest I didn’t changed anything on Evohome side. The app updated and after that this unauth. Happens repair restart or readd device is not working. After an app restart I see for like 10 to 20 second the devices with the correct data and values.

Don’t know if it related but when I was checking for the evo home status on the webpage I tried to logon and got the message to many login failures right away. After a minute or so I could login

The 10-20 sec for correct data is indeed the normal polling…So after restarting or adding deviced please be patient before data in presented.

Restarted the app devices are still unavailable. After a hour now or so.

@Fusionyx , Which version did you run before the upgrade. if this was version 3.1.2 or lower there might be een issue there, i can’t see what is different in the code before v3.1.2 vs 3.1.3
The upgrade process to 4.0.0. is based on V3.1.3.

I (and another user) did some tests to try to reproduce it , but we can’t reproduce it.
This is wat we did.

  • New 3.1.3. install
  • Add 5 EVO Zones
  • Upgrade to 4.0.0
  • Keeps working …
  • QuickActions toegevoegd => OK
  • Zones Toegevoegd => No New found…
  • Keeps working …

Can you downgrade to 3.1.3 and check if this is working again.
If not, iám very sorry but you need to start from scratch (deinstall evohome , install v4.0.0 and pair your devices)
Be aware that if you start over , all your flows regarding evohome will be broken.

Keep me informed on the progress please.

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After installing v3.1.3 everything is working again. This was also the version I had installed before the upgrade to v4.0.0 experimental

Thanks for the update, i look in to it,

NP if you want me to upgrade again and send diag info or something let me know

And a big thank you to @Dijker and @Fusionyx for testing and debugging to solve the issue.

Hi, thank you for the effort, I like this app and currently testing the beta.
Great that there is development and will be ready for the new Homey Pro.

Now there is a quick action device, is it possible to use quick action status as an “and”?

for example if status is “off” I don’t want to perform an action.
I can work around it, but the flow could be a lot cleaner.

Yes, use Homey’s logic as always

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Thanks, was thinking in a wrong way.

Since upgrading I get a lot of time-outs and have to restart the apps.

I have the same issue with another app that updated to SDK3 and is a cloud connection as well (Eufy security)

I created a diagnostic report.

I heard this is a common issue. Is it solvable by the app maker or a Homey issue?
I have an old homey (2016) could that be the issue?

Is there a temp solution like “if device doesn’t work then restart app” ?

Hi and thanks for reporting, i do not have these timeouts in my setup @home, so maybe you can check your WIFI setup?

Can you share a screenshot how the devices are stated if the time-out occurs.
Does the app really crash and the only thing to fix is is to restart it?

If you do not want to restart it over and over again please downgrade to 3.1.3.

Version 4.3.0 now in test : Honeywell Evohome | Homey

Changes :

  • After upgrading from 3.1.3 to 4.x.x and the locationID is different between the saved on in homey (from 3.1.3) and Honeywell API this wil be auto updated.
  • Serveral small bugfixes.
  • Polling time from 10sec to 30sec

Check the update notes is you upgrading from version 3.1.3 : [APP] [Pro and Cloud] Honeywell EvoHome - #3 by Mickel_Luiten