I need a heating per room system. I have on ground level a floor heating and when the set temperature is reached the heating system is switch off and the first and second floor is getting cold :slight_smile: and my kids don’t like that.

So I am looking into systems like HONEYWELL EVOHOME or others that also work well with Homey. Does anyone have experience with this kind of systems?

What are the pros and cons?

Are plugwise and HONEYWELL EVOHOME the only one or do I need to check other systems as well?

I was thinking first to make this with z-wave/zigbee Thermostat knobs (i am not sure if this is correct english:)) and arrange this with flows in Homey. But I think this will be to complicated. Plus I have issues on the first and second floor that the reception is bad and that often the devices are not reacting.

Anyone that can help me with my choise?


Hello, I recently switched from Z-Wave to EvoHome. The EvoHome system is very reliable but also very slowly. That means a temperature change with homey takes about 1-4 minutes. But that’s ok for me. I can set the heating periods independently of homey. That was the most important to me.

That’s sounds good. I do not mind the slowness. It must be reliable that is the most important and unfortunately homey isn’t with z-wave/zigbee.
Do you have also floor heating? Did you also look to plugwise?

I have Plugwise Adam installed at home; which is controlling the different zones (rooms) with a mix of heating panels and floor heating (incl. a switch to turn on / off the pump) controlling my CB based on the OpenTherm protocol.

Working quite reliable here. Where I lowered the supply temperature to 40 degrees and the system is adapting to that operation level well.

Advantage I recon over the Evohome system, is that control of the system is not depending on a Cloud connection; all local IP based. In addition, the Tom and Lisa can either be battery powered or powered through an easily extendable USB powered cable. So most elements are mains powered (creating the Zigbee mesh) only a few battery powered devices.

Hi Ted,

I heard that people has issues when it is battery powered (as I am not able to use USB power everywhere) that the reception is bad. In fact they couldn’t use it without USB.



@MarcelT there can be a lot of causes for that…

Check the installation instructions I wrote on this forum; it does give some insights into the difference between battery / USB powered operation, the sequence you need to install the devices and how to extend the USB power cable.

If you plan ahead (where are you able to use extended USB), use the correct sequence of installation, then it is a reliable system

Thanks I will take a look to it.