Multi room heating with Nest


At the moment I have a Nest in my living room, but I would like to upgrade so that I can heat each room separately.
My heating system uses 2 collectors (ground floor and first floor) where it is possible to put valves on each output.
What valves and controller best works with Homey? Or is there a better solution?
Is it possible to combine this with the Nest I already have installed?


Anyone with any info?

I have just installed the Plugwise HA zone heating system at home.
I do like the main statement on Plugwise’s website, in relation to your question: " Het komt uit een goed nest"

Still experimenting with it, but working as it should.

You could still use the Nest as room thermostat (but it’s smart options will be disabled).

Thx. I’ve been looking at Plugwise, but I think that in my setup (with Nest) I also need an Adam. But there is no app for Homey that supports Adam. Or would I not need to control it directly?

Hi @Davy_Vissers,

If you want multi room heating, where the heater is switched on / modulated based on the heat demand out of the individual rooms, you’ll need to install the Adam module (in between Nest and the heating system).

The current Plugwise app does not support the Adam; partial control can be gained by using the Anna driver.
I’m currently checking with Plugwise the options to get Adam supported.

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I asked this question at Plugwise and they said that Nest doesn’t give info, via Opentherm, about current and set temperature. And that it doesn’t support ‘overrides’ via Opentherm.

Also the heating system has to support Opentherm, which mine doesn’t.

You have a Bosch/Nefit heating system by any chance? You could make this work with a convertor.

I have Plugwise (Adam unit, with several Tom valves and Lisa room thermostats). I combined it with a Nefit before via some convertors.

The heating system I have is from Junkers.

With you mentioning Bosch. I did some more research and Junkers is actually the same as Bosch.
There is a module that makes it Opentherm compatible. Is that what you mean with convertor?

Yes. Bosch uses a proprietary alternative to OpenTherm called EMS. So you need an EMS to Opentherm convertor/module.

I also needed a separate EMS module because it was not included. So between my Plugwise Adam and the boiler I had this setup:

Adam/smart thermostate -> Opentherm to EMS -> EMS module -> boiler.

Lots of wires. But it worked fairly well.

Combining Nest and Plugwise does not make sense btw. They are competitors. I think Nest is more stable, better looking and better designed. Plugwise is cheaper and has room-by-room capabilities, better API and more flexibility.

Any update here? How did you add the Adam to Homey?

Athom has just released the new Plugwise Anna app (to the app store) and will be releasing a Plugwise Adam app in the near future

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Great news, thx!
Any idea on the release date? And can I use the Anna App in the meanwhile? (how do I add it?)

Not at the moment. I still have to install the Opentherm convertor.
And I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with Plugwise. If I do I’ll have to remove the Nest, which is quite expensive.

The Anna app will not work for the Adam

If people are interested, I could post a tutorial how to control the Adam through webrequests…
until the Plugwise Adam app is available

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Please do so I can automate stuff :slight_smile:

@TedTolboom That would be very nice if you did that :slight_smile:

Well, I could…

but I can also forward you to the new Plugwise Adam app: [APP][Pro] Plugwise App by Plugwise [Adam, Anna, Smile P1] [v3.1.0]

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Do you mean the Nefit Easy control adapter? I have a Nefit with on off