Plugwise vs Danfoss LC13

Hallo allemaal,
Ik ben nieuw hier. lekker aan het spelen met de Homey en alle apparaten koppelen.
waar ik hem voor gekocht heb lukt me alleen nog niet.

Ik heb alle radiatoren vzv Danfoss LC13 thermostaatknoppen (zaten al in mn huis)
daarnaast heb ik de plugwise Adam & Lisa gekocht om de ketel aan te sturen. met de hoop/er van uitgaande dat ik de boel aan elkaar kon knopen met de Homey.
echter lijkt het er niet op dat ik de ketel kan laten brullen al bijvoorbeeld enkel de badkamer warmte nodig heeft. ik kan alleen de thermostaat (lisa) hoger zetten zodat de kachel aan slaat. dan zal er wel warm water naar de badkamer gaan. maar wat als de andere ruimtes al op temperatuur zijn?

wellicht is er iemand met het zelfde probleem?
Groetjes Mark

Hello everyone,
I am new here. enjoy playing with the Homey and connect all devices.
for which I bought it I just can’t.

I have all radiators with Danfoss LC13 thermostat buttons (were already in my house)
I also bought the plugwise Adam & Lisa to control the boiler. with the hope / assuming I could tie things together with the Homey.
however, it does not seem that I can make the kettle roar, for example, only the bathroom needs heat. I can only set the thermostat (lisa) higher so that the stove starts. then hot water will go to the bathroom. but what if the other rooms are already at the right temperature?

maybe there is someone with the same problem?
Greetings Mark

As far as I understand it (I don’t own the system myself) you need to define Adam zones and need a setpoint controller (Lisa) in each zone. Can you read the temperature setpoint and actual temperature in your (currently only one) Adam zone? If so, you can setup flows to check if there is a demand for heat and control your CV via the Adam flow cards (I assume). I’m not sure you can use the Danfos directly as a ‘Lisa‘

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I have Adam, 1 Lisa and 7 Tom’s.

You need to have smart valves (preferably Plugwise Tom´s) everywhere. If 1 room demands heat, the other valves close.

Thermostat valves (the non-smart ones) close when their heat setpoint is reached. That setpoint is not dynamically set, like the Tom’s. But in most rooms it will suffice as you wont change temperature setpoints that often everywhere.

The Danfoss knobs are smart, just not able to talk to Plugwise directly. Can you make ‘virtual’ rooms in adam and give them a setpoint and actual temperature value via Homey?

Hi, looks like the ‘virtual’ rooms can’t be managed when there is no device in the room (read no plugwise device) so i can’t create a setpoint because there is no plugwise added in that room.
That’s a shame.
Is there a way to add a virtual plugwise knob?


Ah you want to trigger adam into heating a room without smart valves? No it cannot do that. Adam is made on the premise that there is a plugwise device in the room.

Maybe you should look into OTGW instead of Plugwise Adam in that case. Maybe OTGW can directly control the boiler from Homey. I don’t own OTGW.

Goodday all,

it was a bit quiet but i’ve installed 2 Tom thermostates so the plugwise Adam can control 2 seperate zones.

what’s my setup for now?
living room has 2 heaters. and a plugwise Lisa. the heaters were with simple valves but i changed them to themostate vlaves. one is a Plugwise TOM and the other is a danfoss LC13. That danfoss LC13 is (via Homey) slave controlled to the tom. So only when the living room TOM is asking the danfoss can follow.
in the bathroom i changed an LC13 for a Plugwise TOM. so the bathroom can also ask for hot wather.
that works well. al the other rooms has LC13’s and can get enough hot water to heat al over the day so that’s good.

But now
when i leave the home the Adam can switch to “vacation mode” thats easy but when i come home i want to have the adam pick up the scheme what is should be at that moment.
when i come home at 17:00 i want to have the heating on a comfortable temperature.
when i come home at 02:00 at night after a good drink i don’t want to have the heating on. (i’ll sleep anyway :P)

that’s not possible with the homey for now. i’ve had contact with Plugwise support and they told me the problem need to be fixed by homey because they facilitated everythinh to control it with homey.

is there someone who can help me?

I am not sure what exactly is impossible. I have a similar setup. I manage my presence through better logic. The IF condition is always skipped when you trigger a flow from another flow. So I suppose you need to add a “Time between” card tot he AND sectiion of the flow. And then use a similar setup to mine.

i can’t activate an scheme from the plugwise adam. so what i do is let the homey sync all the non plugwise devices (LC13) to the “ingestelde temperatuur” that’s the temperature what the Adam/Lisa wants to be.
that works good!
But when i leave home and come home i want to deactivate or activate the plugwise scheme witch can result that when it’s past 22:30 the heating will go in night mode but when i come home at 18:00 the temperature will be set to 20,5°C

get my problem?

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