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Did anyone already test this app?
Does it have the same functionality as the previous one?

Since that one is removed from the store I am a bit hesitant to switch (dont fix if it aint broken)
Indo seem tommiss some cards:

Testing and comparing there are a couple of differences:




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The “cancel temperature adjustment (follow schedule)” option is missing (among others) from the new app - an option I have in use for quite a few flows. For now I’m not yet uninstalling the other version…


The new “official” app is at a Beta-stage. At best.

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Do you have both apps installed at the same time?

…which isn’t an issue at all.

Yup, same here - both apps installed and my devices are listed twice. It looks a bit messy, but other than that no issues. Using apps that are no longer supported is not my preference, but the new one needs some improvements before I will move things.



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Trying to keep things positive :wink: But agree there is a LOT of room for improvement… :wink:

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Let me (as developer from the “old” evohome app) trying to contact.the developers from the new app to discuss the feature difference.


Thanks, much appreciated!

Have you transferred your version of the app to the community store?

No, i have stopped development on it…in the meantime i have send a mail to the new developers with the missing flows and battery.

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This I understand. Just unfortunate for those who just invested in a Honeywell ecosystem and have to do with the current ‘official’ app (if one can call it that).
At least, your app had functionalities needed.

Let’s hope the developers of the new app will respond to my mail and l add the requested flows and battery status…

Just received a mail from developer, the have added al missing flows en battery status.
Version 1.1.0 is now on review bij Athom.

-Action flow : cancel temperature setting(follow schedule) per zone.
-Actioflow : Set temperature for x minutes.
-Trigger : Thermostat / quik action is changed.

  • Battery status- is polled once per hour.

Hope this works for everbody :slight_smile:

Or you can install the testversion : Honeywell Home evohome | Homey


The app is now available as test.
Battery and return for single room (zone) are available now.
QA trigger not yet.
And the only other thing missing that is preventing me from switching over is returning to “auto” after leaving (and switching to Away) and coming back home.