Electrical Floor heating Thermostat

Hi, I am about to place electrical floor heating in my house and am trying to find out what wifi theromstats work best with Homey and multi-zone electrical floor heating.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Looking forward to your replies!


I just installed a MCO HOME MH7H-EH (robbshop & aliexpress) you can program it directly on the device or use zwave to control the mode/temperature.

Only thing i miss on this device is a self learning function (more efficiƫnt use of heating element)


I have a Honeywell Evohome multizone system with floor heating on the ground floor and separate zones with radiators for bedrooms en bathroom. Has its own controller and can be controlled through an mobile app as well. Integrates nicely with Homey through a Homey app as well. Had this a long time before Homey. Not the cheapest option if you only want to control through Homey.