Thermostat for electrical floor heating with energy readings


I’ve been trying to find “the best” thermostat for controlling my electric floor heating. It needs to have control through Homey pro, be able to measure energy usage and be combatable with existing temperature sensors that are already in place under the floor. Current thermostat is Ensto ECO10BTW-J.

Does Z-wave thermostats have the ability to measure energy readings in homey? I just bought Z-Wave EVE smart plug and it was a surprise since it cannot measure energy usage.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Heat-it TRM-3 thermostats atleast have it. See the app page, select the device type and you will see which flow cards are available on that devive

Another is from Futurehome

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If Z-Wave devices are able to measure energy or not has nothing to do with Z-Wave, but it has to do with if this function is built into the devices or not.

Regarding the EVE Z-Wave (?) smart plug, could you please post a link of this product.

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I love HELTUN’s Heating Termostat

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Thank for the reply. I gave you false information EVE energy plug is not a Z-wave device, but a Matter / thread plug: Eve Energy |
It has an energy meter included, but does not give energy readings through Homey.

Alright, this seems like the one I’m looking for. Thank you for the recommendation.

Energy measurement is not yet supported by Matter. This will be added with Matter version v1.3.
It is therefore not a problem with Homey.

Okay, good to know that there will be support later on. Thank you.