Should I go for Homey....?

I am a beginner when it comes to smart homes. I am looking to control the climate/heating in my cabin from home. Currently I have a Futurehome device to do the job, but frankly I am not to impressed with the stability or the functionality.

Before I decide to go for Homey, I hope to get some questions answered. I appreciate all your answers.

I have set up my cabin with different heating devices. I have 6 zones with electric floor heating Heatit Z-TRM2fx. These are equipped with heat-sensors in the floor. Some of these roms has additional heating connected to av Fibaro motion sensor with temperature sensor. My current set up takes an average temperature pr rom (floor-sensor and the Fibaro) and uses that these average to kick the heating on and off.

  1. Does Homey allow you to connect the Fibaro sensor to only the heating you want within the same rom. I for example want the floor heating in the badsrom to be completely turned off or set to a fixed floor temperatur and the heating-oven om the wall to do frost protection. The rom is set up with the Fibaro sensor, Heatit Z-TRM2fx floor-heating and Fibaro wall-plug to control heater.

  2. I want to use a Toshiba Daiseikai 9 with the brand new wifi card to frost secure the main rooms in the cabin. I want to shut the electric floor-heating (Heatit Z-TRM2fx) completely off when I am not there and be able to turn on from home. My current system only allows to lower the temperature to 5 degrees C, but I like it to be completely off. Anybody knows if that’s possible?

  3. Does the Homey support showing the power consumption?

4 . Range! My cabin is built in timber. I have noticed its a bit tricky for wifi signals. Howe does the Homey do it. Does the Z-wave devices enhance the signals and likely give my coverage in the hole cabin? Will it be better to use Mesh wifi routers and will this do anything good for the Homey.

  1. Probably a silly question, but is it possible to set the cabin in an “away set up” just by clicking one button in the app? I also want to set the cabin in “home mode” the day before we are going. Is this an easy thing to set up?

I appreciate all the help I can get:-)


  1. you can desite yourself which sensor is connected to which room, or multiple sensors for 1 specific room
  2. This I do not know
  3. Yes, you have a personal site to monitor everything
  4. Zwave enhaces and wieks independed from wifi
  5. Absolutely

Thanks a lot!

Homey is way better than Futurehome… Much more stable, more devices are supported and you can almost create any scenario for your devices! But homey is more complicated than Futurehome. Futurehome is made for everyone, even people that doesn’t know the difference between a light bulb and a switch. Homey will be best if you know basic logic and have some computer skills