Would the Homey work for me?

Have a Fibaro HC2 but have grown tired on waiting for new functionality and some of the existing features simply doesn’t work. Their development are so slooooow.

So have been testing several other Smarthome hubs (Samsung SmartThings, Animus Heart, Zipato to mention a few) but none of these have worked any good.

So I’m now considering a Homey Pro, but hesitant if it will work in my setup. Compared to the other units the Homey are rather expensive, so wanted to get some input from the user community before purchasing.

This is devices that I have:

  • +100 Fibaro ZWave devices (switches, dimmers, wallpluggs, motion sensors, door sensors, smoke sensors, etc. etc.)
  • 10-15 zwave devices from other manufacturers (Aeon, Everspring and others )
  • Sonos speakers
  • Chromecast
  • AppleTV
  • UniFi wiFi network
  • Neato vacuum cleaner

This is functions that I have today and want in a new solution

  • different user accounts with different privileges (don’t want the teenagers to have access to all devices in the system)
  • Home Alarm function that should request PIN when arming and disarming. Door sensors, movement sensors as triggers and several sirens should go of in case of intrusion
  • Arm protection when at home function, only door/window sensors should be armed.
  • Turning on and off lights depending on sun light
  • Turning on and off lights based on time
  • Notification with push message if Battery is low in a sensor
  • “Someone at home” simulation, randomly turning on and off lights in the house during the evening.
  • Car engine heater, turn on depending on temperature outside (colder gives earlier start, warmer gives later start). This turns on an outlet depending on the outside temperature so that the engine is warm when it is tied to go to work.
  • Doorbell function. A button is connected to a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor (or now changed to a Fibaro Smart implant), when the button is pressed a sound is played in several of the Sonos speakers in the house. (Sound files are stored on a NAS in the house)
  • “Storage room light”, turns on a light when a door is open and keeps the light on as long as there is movement in the room, then wait 2-3min and turns out the light, turns on again if new movement or turns off the light if the door is closed.
  • Dishwasher / washing machine are finished. Notification with push message to mobile phone and also an announcement in some of the Sonos speakers.
  • Warn if power consumption is high for more than 30 minutes. This controls a ventilation / heating unit, sometime the heating get stuck in “on” and then need manual work to turn it off. So if consumption is high for 30 minutes then a push message is sent to a mobile phone.

The majority of the functions can probably (?) be accomplished, the thing that have caused problems with other Hubs are the amount of Z-Wave devices, I have today over 100 physical zwave devices. 60-70 have been no issue for the others, but when adding more they have started to get problems. Problems to include, does not recognize the device, device added but not working, scenes stops to work, etc. Etc. Etc.

Is it possible to change parameter settings on Fibaro devices in the Homey?

Also a bit worried about the dependency on Internet, have read a lot of posts in here where user are having issues controlling the Homey if the internet connection goes down.

So is the Homey something for me or should I stick with the Fibaro HC2?

A quick reading, and seems to me that al the things your mention could work with homey.

But not gonna say homey is the controller for you, i think that you already have some time invest in reading om the forum. Also with homey there are users who have problems, small things or really terrible things that the home even does not work like it should.

So its a choice we cant make for you, for me personal every thing works great 99.99 %
You also have to consider that the nearly perfect domotica controller doesnt exist.

Take a nice cold beer and gonna sit in tje garden and reading as mush as you can on the forum. And make the your discussion, its a personal one.

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Sure it is a choice that I have to make, was more looking for some guidance especially around using large amount of zwave devices with the Homey as that is something I have seen other controllers struggling with.

Then of course I do want as much as possible of the functions that I use today with my existing controller.

Some people have no issues with 100+ Z-Wave devices, others run into issues with 35 devices already, so it’s very difficult to give a definitive answer (mostly because it’s not clear why it works for some and not for others, although I believe that having FLiRS devices can cause a lot of problems if you have more than about 3 of those in your network).

123 x Z-Wave
38 x Zigbee
22 x 433 MHz
19 x Wlan
1 x 868 MHz
6 x Network cams
2 x Lametric
Harmony Hub
Hue Bridge
Nello one

Homey pro works great, plase give me more devices !

Did you removed all you FLIRs?!

Thanks for info and impressive list of devices.

Is it still easy (even if you have so many devices) to add additional devices (especially zwave), I have always have issues with have to try to add it several times when going over 85-90 devices even on my Fibaro HC2.

So it sounds like one should stay away from FLIRS devices (Door locks and Heating devices)?

I only have round about 80 Z-Wave devices and also 8 FLIRs. But no issues with FLIRs at all!