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Homey Pro, is it worth it?

Now I am confused. I bought a Homey Pro last week, and have spent hours (and money) to get it up running as I would like, primarily to control heaters and power consumption. My Tibber Pulse connected easily and I can trigger flows based on power consumption, but finding smart sockets to switch my heaters on or off, was not that easy. Deltaco, which should be the same as Tuya, did not work. Mill sockets were too intelligent to be overridden by Homey and finally I found Ikea Trådfri Control Outlets working as expected. Then finally the Termperature sensors. I checked Aqara and found those supported, but no, something is wrong. I found after some search, that many people have experienced problems with those, but anyhow. My problem is that they report temperature well to the Homey and display correct temperature in the status indicator on the homey Zone screen, but I can’t test on the temperature from a flow. Is there anything I could have missed or any trick I need to know to test on the temperature in a flow and, based on that, turn the heater socked on or off? Isn’t it strange that the temperature obviously is reported to the Homey, but I cannot use it? Do I have to do anything to enable and get it running (and yes, it is enabled in the settings panel).
And finally, can you recommend some temperature sonsors that actually works (and are not too expensive)

I’m happy with Aqara temp sensors.
They even work fine inside a freezer.

This flow shows how to trigger it on a Temperature went below 15 °C event

Temp graph (just to show there are normal working Aqara’s :grin: )

If you need to test a temperature or other value then you need a logic card. Not intuitive, but it is there.

You don’t need a logic crad if you test against a hard value, as Peter_Kawa did above, do you? But actually I want to test against a logic card value, but take the simplest hard value first. As long as that don’t work, putting the value in a logic card will not help, or…?

To Peter-Kawa, nice, as simple as I have done, but the “then” (or “als”) statement never gets a hit.

It works, but you’ll have to realize it triggers ONE time if temp is below X degrees
The next time it triggers, the temp should have been above X degrees first.
It’s like how a thermostat works.

Logic cards are not only used for testing against variables, you use them also also when testing a device attribute against hard values.

The test @Peter_Kawa used also works just fine and you do not need a logic card for that. But it is different in the sense that it only triggers when you go from higher to lower values (e.g. from 15 to 14). Compare that to the one using logic: if the temperature changes (aqara) and the temperature is less than 15 (logic) then …. That one for example also triggers when the temperature changes from 12 to 13.

Performance wise It does not matter that much in which order you test values. But it may matter that the example with the logic card triggers way more often and therefore may perform actions a lot more times.

Show us ur flows with thumbs up or it didn’t happen!

The flow is exactly like Peter_Kawa’s, but I think I must test a bit more carefully based what Edwin says. Thanks so far.

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And based on what Peter says.

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Thanks, Edwin. Obviously a more robust programming, it seems to work now.

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I have different experience when using it in a freezer. It works until you reach -20C. When temperature is below -20C it stops working. You have to reconnect which is only possible when the sensor is above -20C again.

The specs says -20° as minimum, so it sure can be a “signal” it has been too cold?
My freezer does never go below -20° appearantly (and according to the Insights graph)

@JonR1410 You can use virtual thermostat instead of flow. You just need to put virtual thermo the aqara sensor and the socket in the same room

In this way you don’t need any flow. You can than set different set point with flow if you need.

The app is called Vthermo

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No issues here when the sensor reaches -20 degrees in the freezer, have it there now for a few months, it won’t go lower then -20 degrees, but once it goes up a little again it keeps reporting.