First week with Homey

Hi all,
i have bought a homey one week ago and want to share my experiences i had so far with it:

Before I bought the homey I have used several open source systems like iobroker, Home Assistant, FHEM etc. It was fun to tinker with it, but since our twins were born, I don´t have as much time for this as before :wink:
So I wanted to give Homey a try.

I have several Hue Bulbs and Dimmers, a lot of Aqara sensors, some Tasmota devices and Plugs (at least the plugs will be replaced by Innr SP 120), Tado Heating Thermostats, Enigma2 receiver, AppleTV4K, Sonos, Harmony Hub etc.

Initial setup was easy, but i discovered some things which need improvement in my eyes:

  1. Option to configure what happens when a device card is pressed. A plug is by default turned off, but sometimes i don´t want to turn off, but want to see the current used energy. Or a temperature sensor details etc.

  2. Option to show more info on the card itself without the need to open the details. For example the Aqara Temperature sensors only show the temperature after a long press.
    This is not very intuitive. Tado shows the set temperature. A option to select a value to show would be ideal.

  3. A simple graph of the history for sensors is missing. I don´t want to open the insights for this, even if this is a nice thing for detailed investigations.

  4. Flows: Boolean Or is missing for triggers :frowning:

  5. I wanted to replace the HUE bridge with homey also, but i will stay with both because assigning a Hue Dimming Switch to a Bulb is horrible. Presets for these kind of devices to behave like on the Hue bridge would be fine.

  6. Home Assistant is able to work with Apple TV and recognize for example when a movie is paused. This would be great for homey as a trigger.
    Examples: Start Movie -> Dim light / Pause Movie -> Dim up again etc.

  7. Backup - to cloud or whatever

  8. Create a list of recommended Energy Meters for the new Energy Dashboard.

I´m still in the process of setting up and it was fun to use the homey and get results this quick. Even if some of the aforementioned points annoyed me a little bit, I wanted to share this with you :laughing:

@Homey Team
Keep up the good work!

What do you mean by boolean or missing on triggers?

Oh sorry, this is not what I wanted to say.
I am missing the possibility to add more than one Trigger an or additional to the and.

There can only be 1 trigger yes, correct. Been discussed a lot.
U CAN make an OR to the AND part ofcourse. Make a 2nd card in the AND part, click and hold it for like more then a second and then drag it down. The OR will appear. There is 3 OR’s possible in the AND part.

A work around is to make a second flow which reads:

Trigger 2

Start Flow 1

Not ideal, but it works