Evohome toevoegen lukt niet

Hi all,
Het lukt mij niet de evohome toe te voegen. De app geeft time-out aan.
Wat doe ik verkeerd?

First off all, your in the englisch section of the forum…and that means we talk englisch here :ok_hand:

second, lets start with providing information…… what you did already what homey version you are ect ect.

Otherwise its a big gamble for users to give you any help

and 3 ofcourse welcome to the community

If you are still on homey firmware V1.? Evohome will not work.
You need to upgrade to >V1 (V3.2)

Like Roy already mentioned, please provide some mote information, so we can help you

Can you connect with the official Honeywell app to your evohome system?
Mine father in law can’t connect homey to evohome, and came connect the Honeywell app. I think the problem is related to the Honeywell API.
Maybe wait a day.

@Ron2019 There where used special characters in the password. That wasn’t permitted by the app and the homey login.
So maybe you have the same issue in your password.


Works now. Had to install the app again.