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I allso get a time out if I search for my thermostat. Configured the app with Honeywell login details

2.0 keeps on crashing… it is virtually unusable. I changed for the beta version :roll_eyes:


Honeywell are in the middle a month long update program to their evoHome cloud and consequently it is very fragile at the moment and disappears quite a bit. I use it with several HA apps and the devices are missing as often as they are present. Here’s a copy of the email.
Planned Maintenance of Honeywell Home Services / Total Connect Comfort

Honeywell Home services will undergo planned maintenance over the next few weeks.

Start date: 22/01/2019 

We’re undergoing an update to our software and services to improve your experience and maintain your security. Our servers will undergo maintenance over the next few weeks, and you may experience brief intermittent connectivity. Our updates will begin taking place on January 22, and run throughout February. The downtime will be used to maintain the platform, perform upgrades, and help ensure the continued integrity and security of our services to our users.

During this time, the thermostat and security system will continue to work locally, but you may temporarily experience an inability to manage it remotely via the app. 

No action is required from you right now. Connectivity will re-establish itself automatically. If we can answer any questions or provide additional information, you can contact us here. You can also follow us on Twitter for latest status information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding
Honeywell Home Team
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Same here: I continuously get the Timed out after 3000ms everytime actions take place on changing the temperature. Is there a beta which solves this problem?

Kijk eens op de Honeywell evohomepage:

En dit tijdens het verwarmingsseizoen, ongelooflijk!

Yesterday, my 2.03 suddenly stopped working. Crashes all the time.
For now it is fixed by manually installing the 2.1.1 alpha release using CLI.

Do you need another tester?
Problems I am having with evohome are:
State not changed online, while Homey did change it (is there a state check after x-minutes??)
Error messages during device adding (on v2.1.1 devices did add despite errors)
When changing temperature outside of Homey (Google Home or app) And then setting evohome to follow schedule again does not reset target temp.

I am aware of the evohome server issues and am not sure what issues are due to the Homey app.

Anyway, I will send you my email for the alpha testers if you need me to test stuff let me know.

I’ve added you to the alpha group (and sent you an email as well). 2.0.3 indeed contains a bug that can cause crashes. A fix is pending approval from Athom.

  • State check: is that the quickaction you are referring to? It can take a couple of minutes before the cloud or the Evohome console sees a change. The action on Homey is immediately sent to ‘the cloud’
  • There is one error message in the pairing screen; I need to debug where it comes from, but shouldn’t interfere with pairing.
  • Do you change a zone temperature outside Homey and then follow schedule via Evohome? I will check that scenario with my system as well.

Hi, thanks for adding me, and thanks for this app! It is an important part of home automation.

When I leave home, or go to bed, it sometimes happens that the heating is not turned off.
I do see in the timeline that the heating schedule was changed. So I was just wondering if you check if a change actually has been made on the cloud. But I now think that it happens when you manually raise the temperature outside of homey on a zone (ok google, set temperature in the living room to 21 degrees) Then when I go to bed, Homey sets this to follow schedule again, but the temperature remains at 21 degrees.
Seeing the the honeywell server seems stable again it’s a good time to test stuff out :slight_smile:

If you need anything, you now know how to contact me :slight_smile:

After testing with @ralfvd we came to the conclusion that the new version seems to have solved most issues. I could not replicate this behaviour anymore.

Today a new Beta was released that will address most issues. Please test with the new beta (2.1.0) and let me know if there are still issues. If there are no more major issues left, I’ll try to stabilise the code and promote it to stable in the upcoming days.

I could pair my evo home now. I wonder if I can use the room temperatur to start a flow. So not the asking tempertur.

You can do a ‘when the temperature changed’ on a device , and then with some logic build your flow.

For the people who are using the Beta app : was the latest upgrade done automatically? Did you need to upgrade manually and if so, did you do this via the Homey app on your smartphone/device or did you use the apps.athom.com website ?

Reason I am asking is that in the Alpha group the automatic upgrade isn’t happening, and manual update via the app isn’t working either. Only upgrading via the website works.

Before I promote Alpha to Beta, I’d like to make sure this error isn’t caused by the app, but it is something internal to Homey.

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I got automaticaly updated to 2.1.0 three days ago.

For me the same as @Moek.
I also got it automaticly in the app (

@ermep01 and @moek , thanks for the feedback . It is now reported as an possible issue to Athom. In the meanwhile, the latest release (2.1.4) is now pending approval from Athom to be released to Beta, which after that will be promoted to stable.

Now that Version 2 is nearing stable, I’d like to incorporate some new functionality. One of the requested features is to be able to set zone temperatures (and quickactions) not only permanently, but also for a specific amount of time.

There might be two options:

  • Select a date/time
  • Select a specific amount of time (e.g. 1 hours, 2 hours ).

Let me know your use cases and scenarios for setting zones and quickactions on a temporary basis, so I can see what the best options are to implement this feature.

Hi ralfvd, let me start with thanking you first for this wonderful app, before I dive into use cases :slight_smile:

I really love the app, recently I installed an evohome system and first thing after was installing your app. I use it for HomeKit integration through Homey, presence detection to start and stop the away and automation, works like a charm! Makes me jealous that I have zero programming skills.

So back to the requests you mentioned :slight_smile:
I would love to tie the settings to a setting so when I start my “watch a movie” flow it sets the temp to 21C in my basement, for 3 hours and return to the previous setting (dictated by the automation of evohome) after.

I also have a Guest program on my evo home, would be nice to be able to set this program for the guesthouse for the next 24/48/72 hrs.

I know I can automate it in homey, but it is a functionality of evohome, that would require less flows and load on homey if your app would utilize this functionality

But once again BIG thanks for the work you have done so far!

I had to do it manually.
kind regards

@Herman_Andersen did you do it manually in the app, or via the app-store?

@Raymond_Wigmore Thanks for your kind words!

For the ‘watch a movie’ , this will be possible, this is now under testing in Alpha, you can set a zone with a temperature for 1-24 hours.

For the ‘guest program’, can you elaborate on that, is that a schedule on a specific zone? How do you interact with it with the non-Homey apps ? You can also send me a DM with specifics if that’s easier.