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Hello everyone. I have the Vthermo application to control heating valves in each of the rooms.

I have created two flows with the following instructions:

Flow Comfort

When you press a virtual button “Heating” and the time is between 16:00 and 17:00 then the temperature that the room must have is 24ºC.

Flow night

When the same virtual button “Heating” is activated and the time is between 17:05 and 15:55, then the temperature that the room must have is 18ºC.

I am attaching some images of the two flows.

The problem is that it does not work in automatic mode. If you press the button within the programming hours, the setpoints to which they are programmed are changed. But it doesn’t change to another mode as time goes by.

e.g. If the comfort mode was activated and the time goes to 17:15, the system does not automatically switch to Night.

Surely the dumbest bug, but I have tried all the options and have no way to make it work.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

The flow you have created is just a virtual button that works within those times. He does not work outside those hours.
If you have not used the button will the automatic mode work?
You have to make another flow that the mode goes back to automatic at 15:55 and a flow at 17:00.
I don’t use the app myself.

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Hello @Mike1233 and thanks for your quick response.

I am getting a little understanding of Homey’s workings. As you say, the button works as a flank.

I have tried several options, yesterday I left it configured as follows;

When: Every 1 Day
And: The time is between 15:00 and 23:00
Then: the thermostat temperature adjusts to 23ºC

This has not worked either. I have to keep testing.


Triggers at 0.00 hours

And checks if it’s between 1500 and 2300.
This will never work because the trigger (at 0.00 hours) is never between 1500 and 2300.
But i take it u get some answers alr in the other topic?

Hi @Rocodamelshekima thanks for the help.

Excuse me, I did not want to create two topics.

Ok, I have understood how the triggers work. My logic made me think that they worked differently.

Yes. I am with an idea in the other post. Again, sorry for the mistake.

A greeting and thanks for the help.

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