problem with heating flow

Good morning everyone. I created a flow to turn on the bathroom heating via the temperature sensor and door sensor. If I activate the sensor in play everything works perfect. but the next day when it should be activated it doesn’t work and I have to make it start automatically. Could someone help me figure out what I did wrong.

You can try to start with someting like this.

If the temperature has chanched lower then 21 before 5:30 nothing will happen with the flow.
When it is getting colder nothing will happen because it is already lower then 21.

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I try to understand your flows and the problem:

First Flow
When temperature becomes less than 21 °C
And time is between 05:30 - 19:30
And all alarms with “Contact alarm” are switched off
1 minute delay
Then turn heating on
And heating is turned on
And time is between 19:30 - 05:30
Then switch heating off

Second Flow
When temperature becomes greater than 22 °C
And heating is activated
Then switch heating off

Third Flow
The contact alarm has been activated
5 minutes delay
All alarms with “Contact alarm” are switched on
Then switch heating off

The second and the third flow are okay, but the first flow makes no sense at all.
The third flow can’t be run to the end, because in one step the time must between 05:30 - 19:30 and in a next step the time must between 19:30 - 05:30. Okay, there is a build-in delay of 1 minute, so there is a very small chance that the flow will continue to the end. This only happens if the temperature drops below 21 °C between 19:29 and 19:30.

My suggestion is to separate the first flow, especially the times.
In the future, it would also be much easier for all non-Italian speaking users if you could explain the flow step by step in English, or add clue cards with an English translation, like this: