Help creating a simple flow ? anti-legionella program

sorry for posting av novice question.

Need a flow that controls my water heater the first of every month it should heat it to 75 C.

someting like this:

will this work ?

That will turn on the heater for the entire week, which I don’t think is your intention.

If you know how long it will take to heat the heater up to 75°C (say 2 hours), you can turn it on and under “Then” add a card to turn it off with a delay of 2 hours. Otherwise, you need to periodically check if the temperature has reached 75°C and turn it off when it has.

ok thx…

back to the drawing board…

But note! After homey reboot (ptp, update, flow, unplanned, etc.) the delay doesn’t work anymore!

I would recommend to work with the Countdown App because the countdown is still alive after a reboot.


What sensor do you use (qubino?)

I use HeatIT z-relay