Heatit Z-TRM6 Flows


Does anyone have a Homey Pro Flow for an underfloor heating schedule that they could send to me as I thought I had set up a simple one to test but it didn’t kick-in so I ended up doing it manually which is not what I want.

Any help / tips gratefully accepted.



That’s a little too generic. There are many options for you. Share your idea or flow and we’ll come up with something that may fit you.

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Hi Rrrr,

Thanks for the response.

I’m looking to have a set schedule to turn on my underfloor heating, using a Heatit Z-TRM6:

Turn On: Mon - Fri: 06:00 until 08:00 at 20 deg C
Turn Off: Mon - Fri 08:01 until 14:59
Turn On: Mon - Fri 15:00 until 22:00 at 20 deg C
Turn Off: Mon - Fri 22:01 until 05:59
Turn On: Sat - Sun 08:00 until 10:00 at 20 deg C
Turn Off: Sat - Sun 10:01 until 14:59
Turn On: Sat - Sun 15:00 until 22:30 at 20 deg C
Turn Off: Sat - Sun 22:31 until 05:59

I normally switch the heating of mid-April and don’t turn it back on again until mid-Oct - don’t know if this is something that could be added / taken into account?

I’m open to suggestions to improve on the above.

Thanks, Al

So, the on-time is the trigger, to start the flow

  • When…
    -time is 06:00

Mon - Fri is a condition → use logic card “Today is a week day”

Sat - Sun → use the same card, but change the card to “inverted” / or /
in adv. flow, use the yellow connector (below the blue one), which activates when the condition is false.

  • And…
    -Today is a weekday

Now set the temp

  • Then…
    -turn heater on
    -set temp to 20, delayed by 5s

There’s no “until” part, so in order to turn it off, you can use the delay option

  • Then…
    -turn heater on
    -set temp to 20, delayed by 5s
    -turn heating off delayed by 2 hours

But there’s a major catch: when the delay timer is running, and Homey restarts due to power failure, or updates, THE DELAY TIMER IS GONE → so the heating never turns off that day

I advice to use Chronograph timers, when you use delays longer than a few minutes.
These timers work with a calculated end time, which survives a reboot.

So, my preferred Then part will be:

  • Then…
    -turn heater on
    -set temp to 20
    -start timer “heating” with a duration of 2 hours

Extra needed Flow 2:

  • When…
    -timer “heating” has finished
  • Then…
    -turn heating off

I hope this gets you going.


Thank you. I guess the TRM6 has an app that allows you to do this schedule as well. With Homey there is a new world of possibilities.

For more flexibility perhaps it is best to set the temperature in the app and leave Homey out of it.

@Peter_Kawa gave you an excellent solution already, so I will just copy below a solution I made for someone else.

It is different in a few ways:

  1. The key logic (time schedule, presence and electricity price) is run every time a trigger comes in. The trigger can be
    a. On the hour (with a 62s delay to ensure a free Homey for other, more time sensitive flows)
    b. Homey has started: You do not know how long Homey was off, so this helps to double check times and presence and act accordingly
    c. Someone came home.
    d. (There is no trigger for change of prices, because the person has hourly spot prices that are updated by the hourly trigger already)

  2. There is an additional 30m delay to turn off the TRM, which can be interrupted when new triggers come in.

  3. Working day, national holidays, etc are possible with the app Heating Controller. That app also allows you to automate your heating in a very sophisticated/customised way, which is I believe a little bit too much at this point. KISS principle.

It still may be a bit too much to start with. I hope you will enjoy your Homey.

PS The trigger Homey has started was added as example. It does not happen that much and the hourly trigger will suffice.

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There are also some apps that can be used to create such schedules, e.g. Advanced Scheduler, Homey Heating Scheduler, Heating Controller.
Just a note.

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I don’t have floorheating so I am turning ‘spot 1’ on and off (aan/uit)

I have created a yes/no-variable ‘heating season’

This variable is set to ‘yes’ on October 15th at midnight and set to ‘no’ on april 15th.

At 6 o’clock on a not-weekendday (yellow-line) during heating season spot 1 is turned on.

Thank you for your help - much appreciated.

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Thank you Rrrr - the TRM6 does not have an app as it has been pitched to be used with the likes of Homey, Samsung, Fibaro or Home Assistant.

Thank you for your help - much appreciated.

I’ll have a look at those apps - thank you for your help.

Good evening,

I can’t thank you all, that responded, enough - it is very much appreciated.

Once I get back home I will have a look at all proposed solutions and see which one best suits my needs.

Thank you again :kissing_heart:

That’s interesting.

What you will probably like then is a way to set a schedule or change it on the go without having to edit a flow on your PC.

In the Homey mobile app you can schedule Alarms, repeat daily etc.

A flow triggered by a Homey alarm notification can check

  1. if the alarm notification contains TRM6 and On and Presence
  2. if someone is home
  3. If it is between October and March
    Then turn on the heating,

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