how to make a flow on and off temperature with electric heater .temp sensor. and a smart plug

hoe maak je een flow aan en uit temperatuur met elektriche kachel .temp voeler. en een slimme stekker

Not much information, but something like

temp changed
and is lower then ……
then switch plug on.

temp changed
and is…
then switch off

i use vthermo for this, you can find it in the app store. It makes a virtual thermostat for the room and automaticly recognises the temp. Sensor and (if you selected the heater function for your plug) heater.

Hi, I’m new with Homey, but I think it’s very powerful…!
I created a zone and added a Sonoff TH16 (temperature sensor) and a Sonoff Basic (switch) as a heather. But VThermo doesn’t recognize the sensor nor switches on/off the switch when increasing/decreasing the temperature gear. I reinstalled the app, but it didn’t help…
Please has anyone any clues?

When looking at the device in Homey, does it show temperature?

The sensor (Sonoff TH16) shows correctly the temperature in Homey and, before I tried to use Vthermo, it worked successfully as part of flows to schedule/maintain the zone temperature…