Heating visibility?

Hi all. Hopefully this isn’t a stupid question.

Just setting up a homey pro for the first time, and am wondering what the the best way is to configure my heating.

I’ve got a bunch of TKHome thermostats (zwave). I’ve added one and can change the set point and see the current temperature.

I can’t see how to switch the thermostat on and off though. That was possible though the Fibaro Home Centre I had before.

Also, how can I easily see the current temperature of all the zones in the house? The TKHome device only shows me the set point, not the current temperature.


TKBhome you mean I guess?
You can report issues at Github for this particular app, please follow the links to app support. Find them at the bottom of the homey.app store app page

Ok. So you would consider it an app problem - I’ll report that specific bug for the on/off.

How about controlling central heating in general. I have other non-TKBHome thermostats in the network as well. Is there a generic way of controlling central heating more globally?

You can try the vThermo app.

Thanks for the advice. Is there any docs on that heating app?

I have a relay that needs switching on when the heating is switched on. I can’t see how to setup a flow to do that with the heating app.

I only see “when heating mode changed”, which doesn’t seem like enough control.

Did you follow the link to the VThermo app topic? Usually info and howto’s should be present that app topic.

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I did! Thanks. I’ve read it all and asked a question at the end; no answers yet though.

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What do you mean by switching on/off a thermostat.? What does that do?
Edit: switching on/off the week program of the thermostat, I think.

By making an advanced virtual device you can see all temperatures.

Use a Fibaro Smart Implant or similar device to control a relais.

We switch our thermostats off over night, rather than lowering the temperature. The thermostats are zwave and have a thermostat_mode command as well as a change_set_point.

I don’t know why I need an additional device. The relay switches the boiler and pump on and off. The thermostat measures the room temp and calls for the boiler and pump when it needs to relative to the set point. The question is how to best coordinate the two through homey.

Because you wondered how to control the relais with a flow.
I can’t see how to setup a flow to do that with the heating app.

Either the thermostat is switching the relay or Homey. Is it a Zigbee/Z-wave relay maybe?

There are several heating apps, for example: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/app.mskg.homey-heating/Homey-Verwarmingsregelaar/

Both are zwave devices, but I want to use homey to switch the relay instead of zwave associations.

My idea was to use the heating scheduler with the various thermostats and zones feeding it. I can’t see how to get the scheduler to switch the relay though when required.

Perhaps there should also be a VHeater application?

Aha, now I get it. You might have told that in your first post😁. I was thinking the relais was a thing on your heater, you had to close or open a circuit to control it.
What is the device name and type of the relais? Have you add it to Homey? What cards are available?

I think I’ve worked out how to do it now. I’ve created a virtual socket, with the type “heater”. This is in the same zone as the VThermostat, and is being switched on/off at the right time.

I now just need some flows to switch the relay on/off when the virtual socket state changes.