Fibaro Universal Sensor + Temp Sensor

I have successfully added a temp sensor to my fibaro universal sensor and I can see the temperature in the room it is in.

When I download a temperature monitoring app on Homey it does not pick up this device.

How can I do something meaningful with the value like switch heating on or off like normal temperature sensors??

Select in the when part, the card of the fibaro “temp changed”

And in the and part, the logic card with the local temp tag, fill in the value

And walla

Many thanks but it’s still not showing up in any of the temp sensor apps

So best to contact the devolper off the app then.

I did this way:
Download Virtual Device app
Make a new device Sensor with Temperature capabilities
Make a flow that every 120 seconds does the following
Camere temp is the virtual temp sensor created and Temperature Sensor 2 is the BINARY Temp sensor value

So that the new virtual Temperature Sensor gets the Binary temp sensor value.
That’s works.

Thanks. What do you put in the When/And part to get the flow to trigger every 120s?

It’s maybe too obvious for me to see

Every 120 seconds starts the flow. It is a pleasure.

I have started the flow with when the temp changes but method also great

Thanks again

With that setup I had probl ms due to too many times the flow was started and Homey blocked it after a while… But try.