Fibaro motion sensor partially working temperature interval not working


I have multiple fibaro motion sensor. All factory reset before pairing.
I use this sensor with VThermo because they have built in temp sensor.

I tried to set temperature report interval at 300s (5minutes).

I tried with homey advance parameters and i tried with custom raw (64,2,300;64,2,300). But i still have random report.

But setting ‘no light when motion is detected’ is correctly sent !

I also tried to set it just after being paired (next to homey and 3x press button to wake it)

What do you think? I use Homey Pro 2023.

What thermometer do you use to have 5 min report interval?


I can’t see in which order you did that.
The sensor must be woken up first and then press save or send the raw configuration.

Why the same command twice?

Why the same command twice?

it is an error, the correct configuration in homey is 62,2,300;64,2,300 (measuring et report interval)

i pair the device et then set it up in homey and then wake it up.

I am going to wake it up and then save the conf in the second to check.


Ok, i understand now.

On the dashboard, when you click on the device et check the temperature, the time below is not the last update. If the temp hasn’t changed it doesn"t update the time.

In the dev tool, i activated the log et the temp is updated every 5min as expected.

So, for example, in the log, temp is update every 5 min but on the dashboard it is like this :

09:00 : 20°C
09:05 : 21°C => dashbord ‘there’s xx second’
09:10 : 22°C => dashbord ‘there’s xx second’
09:15 : 22°C => dashbord ‘there’s 5 min’
09:20 : 22°C => dashbord ‘there’s 10 min’
09:25 : 22°C => dashbord ‘there’s 15 min’
09:30 : 21°C => dashbord ‘there’s xx second’

I don’t know what the update of the temperature values in the device tile (dashboard) on the smartphone or the WebApp depends on. However, for me it makes sense not to update the temperature in the device tile if the temperature has not changed (saving resources).
The function of the flows is also not negatively affected by this, since they are only started when the temperature changes.