Homey Pro 2023 online/offline

I have some challenges with my newly purchased homey Pro 2023… I have purchased an Ethernet adapter and set it up with the (power → ethernet → homey) instructions that I have found on this page. but it kept using the wifi connection, and now I have blocked the ip address it uses on wifi, so now it is forced to use ethernet. BUT. it continues to be online and then all of a sudden it goes offline. I don’t know why… I used Vera smarthome before I bought Homey, and I’m strongly considering returning to Vera since Homey messes up so much… When it goes offline at times and times it also means that I can’t use the functions like turn on light etc. I have complained to Homey support, but have heard nothing back. Anyone having the same problem? have tried restarting the network etc.

Did you try the search function on the right top of this page for “Ethernet adapter”.
Maybe you will find something.

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Over 50 topics already

Theres nothing :frowning:

That’s not normal. In case you are on latest firmware, during setup it ask you to connect via Ethernet only. But you can repeat that setup - https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/7263241090716-Activating-Setup-Mode-for-Homey-Pro-Early-2023- AND DO NOT BLOCK any IP.

Which one, the original one from Athom ?

This one - https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/7262533910300-Setting-up-the-Homey-Pro-Ethernet-Adapter ?

When it goes offline, it goes offline where - in the mobile app or even web app ? Does it self-recover ?
What is the status of the LED at that moment ? https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/7257933460764-Understanding-Homey-Pro-Early-2023-s-LED-Ring

Have you complained or you contacted support asking for some support, including providing system debug ? Because if you just complained, I guess you didn’t raise any question.
Now seriously, then have respond time up to 3 weeks.

If i do the first one, do i erase all the devices?

Yes, the original one from Athom

Yep, the guide from this site.

It goes offline both places, mobile app and the website, but it comes back after some time, it goes like 2-7 min before it comes back online, havent check about the coler on the HP23…

I just wrote to them… :grinning:

If you follow exactly the guide, you will not - but to not regret, always have backup (cloud or USB one)

Check the Color and also check the UPTIME when it happens - GENERAL - ABOUT.
2-7min looks to me like it self-reboot (it should be actually 1 min)

And now it keep spinning with the White light

White light / glowing ? This means that Homey is restarting…

It has been here for the last 10min now… i hope it works after this

And what does the uptime/sysinternals device says after this ?

Hallo Daniel,
das war bei mir auch so - ich habe das Netzteil gegen ein anderes (auch USB-C) getauscht und nun geht der Homey Pro nicht mehr offline…

I bought and am waiting for Homey pro. I thought it would be the best home center. and now I’m reading on the forum and it’s getting scary…

I went to the dealer and complained about it, they took it back and ordered a new one. I used the backup it had taken and now it works fine. so, so far it hasn’t teased me :grinning:

Ive got a new one, and it works fine, so far :grinning: but thanks for your help. The reason that i didnt answerd you, was becouse ive have used all my postes (new user limit) :grinning:


Ive got a new one, now it works, so far :grinning:

But please keep it realistic: almost zero users start topics, or respond with posts like: “Please don’t help me out, my Homey runs perfectly fine, besides having a bad day every now and then”. :wink:

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