Homey Pro (Early 2023) ethernet not connected

I have been fiddling with the settings of my Homey Pro (Early 2023) with LAN adapter. I have noticed that when I go to Settings > General > About in the app, in the connectivity section at the voice Ethernet Connected the value is NO.

The LAN adapter is properly connected and its LED flicks.

A check with the router app shows that Homey is connected via wi-fi, while for Ethernet the app reports an IP and MAC address but the device as offline. Not sure how reliable this offline report is.

I have tried connecting the Homey LAN adapter to a different port of the router with no change.

Any idea how I can check if the Ethernet link works?

If you are 100% sure that it’s properly connected (and “its LED flicks” is not proof that it is), then are you using all the original cables?

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Yes, I am using the original cables.

And did you connect them correctly

Also, just out of curiosity, you setup Ethernet during Homey 2023 setup process or connected it later ? I’m not sure if reset is not required in such case, never tested it myself - I just know it’s for sure required vice versa (connected via Ethernet and not having Wifi setup).

Yes, that’s how it is connected.

I had the Ethernet adapter connected to Homey during setup. I may try to repeat to repeat the setup and see if something changes.

What crossed my mind: To be sure, did you test the connection on the router port you’d like to use with Homey, with a laptop or the like?
When that other machine can get a connection with your LAN / internet, there is also a possibility the ethernet dongle itself is a monday morning model

I thought I had the same issue as Corto - an Ethernet adapter not working. After after I studied your diagram, I realized that I had simply hooked up USB cables incorrectly. Once I plugged the correct USB ends in, it works!


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