Homey Pro (Early 2023) ethernet not connected

I have been fiddling with the settings of my Homey Pro (Early 2023) with LAN adapter. I have noticed that when I go to Settings > General > About in the app, in the connectivity section at the voice Ethernet Connected the value is NO.

The LAN adapter is properly connected and its LED flicks.

A check with the router app shows that Homey is connected via wi-fi, while for Ethernet the app reports an IP and MAC address but the device as offline. Not sure how reliable this offline report is.

I have tried connecting the Homey LAN adapter to a different port of the router with no change.

Any idea how I can check if the Ethernet link works?

If you are 100% sure that it’s properly connected (and “its LED flicks” is not proof that it is), then are you using all the original cables?

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Yes, I am using the original cables.

And did you connect them correctly


Also, just out of curiosity, you setup Ethernet during Homey 2023 setup process or connected it later ? I’m not sure if reset is not required in such case, never tested it myself - I just know it’s for sure required vice versa (connected via Ethernet and not having Wifi setup).

Yes, that’s how it is connected.

I had the Ethernet adapter connected to Homey during setup. I may try to repeat to repeat the setup and see if something changes.

What crossed my mind: To be sure, did you test the connection on the router port you’d like to use with Homey, with a laptop or the like?
When that other machine can get a connection with your LAN / internet, there is also a possibility the ethernet dongle itself is a monday morning model

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I thought I had the same issue as Corto - an Ethernet adapter not working. After after I studied your diagram, I realized that I had simply hooked up USB cables incorrectly. Once I plugged the correct USB ends in, it works!



I received my Homey Pro early 2023 with the ethernet adapter today. After installing the homey via the app I need to use wifi there was no question about ethernet. Reset the homey several times but what I try (read the issues here) and connect the cables as told, the adapter won’t work. Is it useful to plug the adapter into a notebook with usb-c to test the adapter? I have a feeling the adapter is broken…… :woozy_face:

I have make a support request to Athom. I hope they can fix it. :thinking:

Make sure it is connected properly, see 6 messages above yours.

Caseda, thanks for your reply but:

I did that…

Seen enough messages of people that said they correctly connected the ethernet adapter, but in the end still had it the wrong way around and still had the short cable in Homey Pro, hence why I said it.

In theorie you should be able to connect it to a laptop, it is just an ethernet adapter.

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Does it at least show blinking LED’s?

Thanks for your extra info Casada. I have try the wrightway a several times.

Robert, the green led is steady the orange is blinking. I see no IP address from my router to a new device (over 50 devices so have to search) but because I see no MAC anywhere I can’t sure for it but there are also no new device found in the client list. And even after restarting the router there is no connection with ethernet inside my new Homey…

I’m afraid the adapter is broken :disappointed_relieved:

My homey is connected to wifi and ethernet, does anyone know if its possible to disconnect from wifi and only be connected to ethernet?

You’ll have to enable Homey’s setup mode to change the wifi settings:

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Ah perfect, do you happen to know if there is a MacOS specific privacy setting for Chrome / Edge that you need to enable before the browser can find your device? it keeps saying no device found

What color is the LED ring showing?

Orange just like the support article