How to changing from WiFi network to Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter

How to changing from WiFi network to Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter, after installing the adapter, it still says i’m connected via WiFi…

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See Change Wifi in homey 2.0 - #20 by Dijker

Thanks RMB, tried that but it still doesn’t want to select Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter, instead it says WiFi !??!

It should detect at startup if there is an Ethernet adapter is installed and if it gets a DHCP address, if not it could proceed to connect via WiFi. Good redundancy if nothing else…

Are you sure it’s not also connected to Ethernet? No value shown for ethernetAddress here? Homey Developer Tools

I thought of two other possible issues, but first check Robert’s hint!

Or, maybe it’s a bad USB cable #cablegate


Thanks, Athom support answered with same picture as Peter_Kawa. Thanks every one.

The problem was that the Homey 2023 is in my summer house 200km from where I live.
Went out, when I couldn’t access Homey.

I’m running Ubiquiti WiFi and looked in the log, see that Homey has hung on the networks when I pushed a new firmware version.

Homey has logged things during the time I haven’t had access to the device so no data was lost and it has also controlled things in the house as it should. But frustrating that the WiFi could lock the LAN.
Looking at Homey, it also uses both interfaces, i.e. the WiFi and the LAN connection when I now have it on the network again.
I have submitted a bug report to Athom about the issue.
There would be a function, for example that it restarts at a certain time if it does not have a LAN / WiFi connection.
FYI, I’m now running 10.1.0, so it might be fixed by the time someone reads this…

Did set up a solution so I can break the power for the Homy true SmartLife and a Nedis Smartlife Wi-Fi Smart Plug :rofl:

So I can reboot the Homey 200km away

YW, Ian
Most probably Homey is not really offline every time


Yup that’s the way :grin:

I made one, using the NetScan and Chronograph apps.
NetScan monitors the connection to your router.
When connection down
Then start timer X with a duration of 10 minutes

To filter out short hickups:
When connection up
Then pause timer X

Connection is down for 10 minutes:
When timer X has finished
Then restart Homey

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similar Problem here: after connecting the Ethernet Adapter, both connections are online. Not a problem but there should be first LAN and then wifi. Any way to switch Wifi off?

Wifi is connected, but should not be actively used when ethernet is active.
It’s intended to work as network failover.

By the way, Stefan, this howto, and tons of other kb articles are available @

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i’ve read this, but it was not clear that while both networks stay connected only one is used by default.

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Yeah, Emile explained it once in a topic. Funny how that never seem to reach the kb articles somehow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I referred to the kb article to point out how you can change wifi settings :wink:

Question, I installed Homey yesterday via wifi cause I didnt have an extra Cat 6, today I do and while I understand I have to go back into the setup mode, will that erase all of my devices I added today? Should I back up what I have done so far as for the devices I have added then restore that if by going into setup mode all that gets erased?

Help :frowning:

Hi @Scott_Hirschman ,
while it is always prudent to create a new back-up before doing major changes, I do not understand your question.
In the support page it clearly states that your Homey Pro will just connect differently to your network.
There should not be any other actions necessary, if you are go to setup mode as described.
There is always some risk that your homey hangs up and does strange things when you plug-off and on again, but that is really rare and less risky than updating the system to a new version.

Thank you for your reply, my question in simpler terms was If I reset my Homey Pro with the button on the bottom of the device does that clear out all of my smart home items when I relaunch Homey Pro.

It took me a few days to add everything in, will all that be cleared out if I go back to “Setup mode”?

“Homey Pro (Early 2023)'s Setup Mode allows you to change the Wi-Fi Network, reset Homey Pro to Factory Settings or restore a cloud backup.”

So no, entering setup mode does not automatically perform a (factory) reset.

Aah good. Thanks again for you assistance.