Homey Pro 2023 ethernet adaptor, how does this work?


I today received my HP23 and restored my backup.
Everything is working but when i look in the settings my HP23 is connected via wifi…

The USB ethernet adaptor is connected and has link (lights flashing) but in the homey settings it is not connected via ethernet but via WIFI…

I unplugged the UTP cable and reconnected it but homey keeps reporting that it is using wifi…

So how do i change HP23 from WIFI to the ethernet adaptor?

By closely looking at the diagram on the box the ethernet adapter came in and making 100% sure that you connected it properly.



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I guess we’ll just have to wait for the first person that claims that this schematic is faulty because it doesn’t show you need to plug the other side of the network cable into anything :wink:


it is connected exactly that way…

As i mentioned i have link but Homey is not using it, it is connected by wifi…
On the switch and on the usb-c adaptor the link indicator is on and flashing, but in the homey settings no ethernet conection, only wifi.
In my router it also shows as connected wireless

If it’s plugged in correctly, and the adapter is working properly, Homey should use it automatically.

What’s shown on Homey Developer Tools? Specifically the wifi* and ethernet* values.

is shows:
wifiConnected true
ethernetConnected false

ethernetAddress null
ethernetDefaultGateway null
ethernetSubnetMask null
ethernetDns null
ethernetMac null

Have you tested the Ethernet cable with some other device ? (Laptop fi?)
What tells the device on the other side of your Ethernet Cable ? (The Switch, Does it have Link? what is the configured speed or mode?)
What tells the DHCP Service? (are there IP addresses available?)
Have you tested another known good ethernet UTP Cable?

I also noticed that the usb-c ethernet adaptor is rather warm (not hot), not sure if that is normal

yes, switch works, cable is fine (working fine when i plug it into my HA).

Not tested the usb-c ethernet adaptor on a other decive, i suspect it is broken

I do not have an other USB-C ethernet adaptor to test, this is not a standard device which everyone has 1 or more in house…

Enough IP’s available, network etc is working fine/normal…

What are the videoCore* values seen from Homey Developer Tools

Made a screenshot

note: the usb-c connector is rather warm, not homey it self…

If you want to test it, it should be this way round…

I think it is broken, i tried the USB-C ethernet adaptor on my laptop, here it is also not working…

using the short fixed cable? or as above ^^

exactly as your picture…

But thx for the tips, it seems the adaptor is simply not working.

I shall contact athom for this, i can work for now using wifi, luckily the new model also support 5ghz :slight_smile:

Good morning,

I have exactly the same problem.

Did you finally replaced the adaptor? All working now?


Same problem here as well

contacted athom suuport, send the complete usb-c ethernet adaptor set back and received a new one, that is working fine.

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