Homey 2023 uses WIFI and not the Ethernet dongle?


My Homey doenst connect via Ethernet but uses the wifi…

How can I stop this. In the settings the Homey doesnt even detect the ethernet connection…


Any suggestion on this? The ethernet adapter is blinking and so is my Unifi switch, the homey state no connection - so does the Unifi…


Embarrased to say that I hadnt :).

Now I have - but still have one question - now its connected both to WIFI and via Ethernet. How can I ensure it uses Ethernet?

  1. Turn Wifi off per “Setup mode”
  2. When you connect the wires as per the instructions / diagram, Homey uses the ethernet connection by default.
    The wifi connection stays connected, without being used. When ethernet fails for some odd reason, wifi takes over (as you found out already :wink: ).