[HowTo] Connect Homey Pro (Early 2023) with Ethernet Only - aka Disable WiFi

[HowTo] Connect Homey Pro (Early 2023) with Ethernet Only - aka Disable WiFi

There is already a lot written and asked here on the forum around the Ethernet adapter for Homey Pro (Early 2023).

The Official support guide

The official Guide from Athom how to connect including a Video (Without Alex :face_holding_back_tears: ) is leading of course:

Setting up the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter

and it States:

That’s it! Homey Pro will automatically use the ethernet connection if it’s available. During setup, you will be asked to optionally connect to Wi-Fi as well.

So Official Disabling the WiFi is possible by choosing NOT to enable / Configure WiFi if Homey is connected using the Ethernet Adapater during Setup.

Choose Only use Ethernet if you prefer that.

I Wouldn’t write the above official statement, if there wasn’t another way.

The unofficial way

using the Web Api

Like you can see the IP Addresses and configuration there on Homey Developer Tools

You can also use the Web API Playground to enable or disable WiFi without using a paperclip / SIM-Ejector pin.

Homey.system.getInfo(); // Get the info and Check it is working on Ethernet 
Homey.system.disableWifi(); // Disable the WiFi i