Zigbee network problems after 8.0.1 update

Hi all.
Has anyone else experienced problems with the zigbee network after the last 8.1 update? None of my device will respond and all timeout!

Ha ha typed a bit quickly. My homey is at 8.0.1

Have you done a PtP? Unplug Homey, leave it off for about 15 min or so and plug it back in.
Replaced the poweradapter for another (min 2A)?

No problems here with Zigbee on v8.0.1…

Thanks for the tips, I’ll give it a go👍 Good to hear it’s not a problem for others

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I seem to have the same problem. Only with me it only are the devices connected through the “hue without the bridge app”. Restarting the app won’t work. Only a restart will do…

When debugging i saw that my load averages of Homey sometimes are sky high…
So high Homey times out completely.
Anyone else experiencing the same?

So you didn’t do a PTP as suggested?

I noticed the problems yesterday and the day before. Now doing een PTP and waiting what it will do…

The PTP did the job for the Zigbee issues. Thanks @robertklep for reminding :slight_smile:
Stupid of me to not think about it before.

What i cannot figure out is why the average load of Homey increased so much since the 7th of april…

The Foscam APP seemed to use a lot, especially when my camera detected motion.
It seemed Homey was flooded by the camera, but I am not sure.
Since I removed the app, the average load was lower, but not as low as before.
All the other apps do not show a higher usage and about that time there was no Homey Firmware update installed.

Regularly my Homey is so busy that the connection is lost.
Any ideas how to find out what is causing this?

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