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Zigbee keeps on loading/not working


I just received the Homey and it says its loading the zigbee, but its doing that for an hour now.
Is this a issue i can resolve myself? I’m trying to link my tradfri lights, but i need zigbee for that.
Firmware : 1.5.11
Software: 1.04

Thanks in advance,

I have the same problem with my Homey. Hope someone can help.

Do you still have this problem? Or have you found a solution already?
I’ve send a help request already but they are still working on it I think.

also have the same problem with Zigbee loading without any result. I can´t add any Zigbee products as new devises either. In apps Zigbee products are not visible when trying to add new devices.
Will I ever get Homey to work 100%. So far (one year) there have always been some issue with Homey.

So did you contact Athom. Did you report your isseu? and what athom said?

Yes, I have contact Athom and they replied very fast and wanted me to send a crash log from my Homey. I did so and I´m now waiting for further reply (however it´s christmas time).

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Today Homey support informed me that ZigBee chip is broken. Lucky me I have 9 Days left of my 1 year warranty :slight_smile:
Unfortenatally I have to start all over again adding devices, download apps and creating flows. Will be some hours jon. Is there a way to transfer all devices, flows etc from one Homey to Another one?

no, not yet… A backup-function is planned. There is a flow-backup in the appstore…