Range of Homey for Aqara (battery) powered devices


I have on all my doors and windows Aqara sensors and these work fine for on the ground-floor (where my Homey is) but don’t work on the second floor, so probably a range issue?
I already have added two Innr wallplugs (https://www.robbshop.nl/tussenstekker-innr?sqr=inn&) as an extender but also this does not seem to work, so maybe I do something wrong but how can I check if these extenders work and if so why is this not working?
Better solutions?
Second Homey needed for the second floor? any experiences with this?

Thanks in advance!

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You can check your Zigbee network here: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee

Hi @robertklep ,

Maybe stupid of me, but I see a nice table with all my devices but how can I now see that the extenders work?


The “route” column should reflect the path between each device and (eventually) Homey. I believe that it may take some time before the route is rendered.

I already have the Homey, sensors from early this year and the Innr plugs for more than a month so that seems to me a long time? any idea what I can do here?


I mean it will take a while to render that particular page (few minutes). I don’t have any Zigbee devices connected to my Homey myself so can’t be certain, perhaps other users can shed some light on why the routes are shown the way they are.

OK clear, will leave the page open and see if something will happen, thanks for your quick reply!

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OK I see this now so it seems that the Innr plugs are not extending? Any idea how to fix this?

I had the same problem. I now use some Ikea wallplugs (about 10 euro) and it works fine for me.

You also had INNR lamps that didn’t function as router device properly? Or a meshing problem in general?

I also use the INNR plugs, and they are extending just fine here.

Hi, No my lights are all Hue lights and are connected to the Hue bridge, I only have Innr plugs because of the range error I had, but they now seem not to extend, any idea how to fix this?

Hi, how do you installed them, configured these, because to be honest it was a hell to get them connected to my Homey, at the end I had to reset my Zigbee network and then Homey was able to find them, off course I also had to add all my Zigbee sensors back after that :frowning:

OK thats sounds very interesting, will pick up a couple of these than!


No problems there actually… I just plugged in and connected them to Homey, no special configuration. But at first I also had problems with the mesh not building, this was fixed a couple versions back.

OK to be honest I only want to use them to extend and there not doing this now, so going to disconnect them then, and try again.


To extend the zigbee range I bought Aqara curtain controllers. Unfortunately, they do not extend the zigbee mesh. All zigbee still runs one on one with Homey.

Hopefully the zigbee rewrite Athom has posted about, will cure this