A couple of general questions

Hello there,

Im new to homey and after quite a bit of research, i have a couple of questions:

  1. If i buy a (standard) Homey, is it easy to just transfer all settings to a Homey Pro (in case i decide to upgrade)?
  2. Am i right that some of the accessories (light light bulbs, motion sensors, thermostats) can talk to homey directly and for others I need to install apps in Homey?
  3. If question 2 is right, is there any reason to chose for accessories that talks to homey without app?
  4. I heard that using alot of motion sensors may lead to disturbance as homey needs to work hard to keep track of all the information. I ve read that the solution for that is to let them only update every like 5 seconds or so. Is there any way to avoid that?
  5. If i need a motion sensor only (no other built in options), is there any reason why i should choose for like the fibaro over the xiaomi aqara one?

Thank you very much. After this information, i ll be ready to buy everything :slight_smile:


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Back up and Restore which is currently being beta tested will allow for an easy upgrade path to a Homey Pro.

All devices need to have an app installed, but that’s ok they are free and you can search for the app you need and install with one click.

Perhaps more importantly some devices connect directly to homey. (Zigbee/zwave/wifi) While others may require a third party Hub which the app connects to rather then the actual device.

This isn’t up to Homey it’s simply what the third party has allowed access to. In some cases there is an offical app which connects to the gateway and an unofficial app which can connect directly to the device (Philips Hue)

As far as I am aware there is no problem with homey tracking motion sensors - generally I think the issue is with the battery life of the sensors which are broadcasting their values constantly - some devices have settings where you choose how often to update. - this is not an issue for items plugged into power.

Xiaomi vs Fibaro vs Aeotec is a whole other topic. All have good and bad points depends on what your looking for and how much money you have. Personally I have all three.
Hope this helps

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Thank you very much for your response. It covers almost all my questions. Is a gateway better or worse?

Is there any disturbance when i get like 5-6-7 motion sensors or would it work as good as when i install one?

Thank you very much once again.

I installed already 3 in the hallway together with a doorsensor for the light’s to have Coverage and several others for other rooms. With a couple of tradfri bulbs as routers this functions for me perfect.

Personally I would always recommend to buy the Pro if you can afford it,
Domotica is addictive… before you know you have more apps than you expect.

Thank you :slight_smile: I know its addictive. I ordered alot of stuff already and i do have quite some plans ;). It works as a router out of the box right (if they r all the same protocol: zigbee or zwave)
Glad to see there is an active community aswell