Luminance sensor with frequent updates

Hello, I’m looking for a luminance sensor, which could send updates frequently (I would like to adjust the brightness of my light relatively to the amount of sunlight).

I tried Philips Hue Motion Sensor - it takes a couple of minutes before it updates the luminance change (even though I set max update interval to 60 seconds).
I tried Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor - well the update time is about a minute, which might be acceptable, but I would like to see differences faster.

Is there a device which could report more frequent than once per 60 seconds?
Do you have some experience in auto-adjusting of the lights brightness?

By my experience, the Fibaro motion sensor (actually a multi-sensor) can report quite often. It will report when there is a significant difference, which is also configurable. Sometimes my lights turn on when a cloud passes by, only to turn back off 10-20 seconds later. I actually had to reduce this effect by setting different thresholds for turning on and off.

Being a battery powered device, more frequent reports will mean more battery drain. For me a single battery lasts about 4 months.

I haven’t tried many other sensors, but I’m also the developer of the Homey App for Sensative Strips devices, so I have some experience with those. The Strips Comfort reports far less often. With proper configuration it can serve quite well for turning a light on and off, but I wouldn’t recommend it for variable lighting.

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An Aeotec 6‑in‑1 multisensor also can be set to react very fast, I have set it to a change of 5 lux, then it reports.

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I’ve just noticed a duplicate, sorry for posting twice: Lux sensor with continuous reporting