Neo coolcam PIR independent lux measurement

From the parameters for this sensor I get the impression that it can report the lux value independent of the motion trigger by specifying a lux report interval (specified 180s) and lux report threshold (specified 2).
So far I don’t see the lux values being reported every 180 seconds however without motion detection.
Did anyone get the lux reporting working independent of the motion detection?

To see what’s wrong I need you to run the app from athom cli in a debug so it shows all the zwave communication and put the sensor in dark and light .

Could also be that it starts to function in a few hours

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Did you ever get this work? I am seeing the same behavior - the Lux is never reported.

Hi Marco,

OK, apologies for the late reply: I’ve had some problems with my Homey: the Zigbee chip of the original one died in the warranty period, I got a new one which had a different problem with Zigbee (couldn’t register any IKEA devices), but the last one that I have now works good.
My Z-Wave network however has always been very reliable with ~ 20 nodes.
I meanwhile also have a 3.3V adapter to power the Coolcam motion sensor, because I noticed that the batteries ran out very quickly, so I’ll give it another try with the cli.
It would be great to have an independent lux sensor.

I am experiencing similar behavior. For some time I have the Coolcam PIR V3 included and I do not see the LUX level reported every 3 minutes (par7=180s) neither does it report when the Lux level changes 20 Lux (par9=20). For sure it does does update the lux level when motion is detected. Sometimes it takes more than 30 min (or longer) to update. It looks like the lux level need to change more than 50 lux before it reports. I have switched on the logging for the device.