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Neo coolcam PIR v2 added as v1

Yesterday my NeoCoolcam Pir V2 arrived. Added it today to homey but it is recognized as Pir V1 by the neo coolcam app. Anyone else had this problem or has a solution?

Homey Firmware Version: 1.5.12
NeoCoolcam app version: 2.0.10

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the same for me. The box says ‘new’ PIR sensor, visually it looks like the V2, but it is added as V1 (even though I selected the V2 when registering).
B.T.W: initially it was not found by Homey at all, but after I pressed the register button for 10 seconds to reset the sensor (thanks for this tip on the forum) I could register it.

You have a fake (v2) if it’s added as one you have a v1 in a V2 housing . Be sure to buy the (v2) that has explicitly temperature mentioned in the specs .

Where did you buy them?

Hmm… That’s a shame. Well i’m happy i just ordered one from aliexpress for testing. I will check next time if temp. Is mentioned in specs. Thanks!

I ordered it from aliexpress, official neo coolcam store.

Edit: i checked the specs and indeed, no temp. Mentioned in the specs.

Is the lux measurement working for any of you with the default parameter settings? I get 0 lux all the time.

Yes, mine is working fine

and what happend when you put it, from a dark place to direct sunlight??

Hi Roy, I need to test that, but that will require the 3rd battery in a week :frowning:
After 1 day and night of correct motion reporting it suddenly has started reporting motion during the whole night at regular intervals while nothing was moving in the attic (at least, not as far as I know :wink: ) and because I had configured it to light up the LED on motion detection that emptied the second battery.
I’ll lower the sensitivity to see if that solves this problem.

So far I have not seen any lux value other than 0 being reported though, also in bright conditions, but I’m going to try this dark to direct sunlight test.

I wanted to use this sensor as a replacement for a Xiaomi Zigbee HBS sensor in the same location because for some reason Zigbee seems to have a blank spot in this attic area (despite 2 IKEA Tradfri spots at ~ 2m distance), but so far I just got different problems instead :slight_smile:

An interesting feature of this Neo coolcam PIR is that it seems possible to have it report lux independent of motion (while most affordable PIR sensors only report lux when motion is detected), but I’m now going to be happy if it will report lux at all :wink:
Maybe I just got a faulty one.

For testing, you could turn of the led ofcourse and even turn of the motion (in the settings).

I assume you already remove and re-added the device to homey.

Last thing if its stil not working, is make a screenshot of your settings maybe there is something not ok, but i dont think so because your taling about the standard settings.

I have the ‘fake’ v2 pir that is recognized as a v1 but actually includes a temp sensor (I have verified that by connecting it to a Fibaro HC2 where it shows temp)

Will the new Homey 2.0 firmware allow it to be recognized as a v2 and hence show the temp data?


Then send iT back becaus they flashed the wrong firmware in iT. Since the device reports v1 ids and i can not change iT so the temp works on homey since they assign functions to the defined device identification and you’re device reports and is certified as v1