Neo coolcam PIR v1 added as v2

Yesterday my NeoCoolcam Pir V1 arrived.
Added it today to homey but it is added as PIR V2 when selecting V1 in the add menu.

Anyone else had this problem or has a solution?
When trying to disable the led in won’t disable it (sending the wrong parameters when viewing debug on developer)

Homey Firmware Version: 2.1.1-rc1
NeoCoolcam app version: 2.0.19

Thanks in advance!

It looks like you have a V2
Not activatiecode the LED is a known bug
Do you have temp meassuring?

Yes i do have an temperature reading.

Giving a RAW command can set the led config.
It seems none of the advanced config items is set correctly. In the box was a little manual with the correct parameters wich work on the raw config item.

Hope this will be fixed in the app. (Release notes indicate it was already fixed)

Then it must be a V2
You are happy a V2 for the price of a V1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How did you do that?
I have the same problem.

never mind, I’ve already found it.

11,1,0 what does that exactly mean? If I look in the manual parameter 10 should be a byte set to 0 or 1, so I would expect 10,1,0 (10 for the parameter, 1 for a byte, 0 for the actual value).

Maybe I am mistaken and it means something completely different. Paramater 11 (which I think is 11,1,0) is MotionEventReportOneTimeEnable.

My manual says something else

Strange, mine says parameter 10, looked it up in several of my sensors’ manuals and all are the same, but most importantly: I now know how it works.