Neo Coolcam Pir v1 battery issues?

As of lately my Coolcam pirs are draining battery, approx one month of use and the Pir is empty. Anyone else experience this?

Really struggling with getting motion to work with homey, fibaro works 50 percent of the time due to the current issues and now the Coolcams are draining. :persevere:

Did u make some changes to the settings?
Maybe post some screenies of the settings?

I have the same issue with ons of my pirs. This pir has the same settings as other pirs and no adjust of the settings is made. In my case I think the pir is somehow broken.

Settings are the same on all mine, shouldnt be any problems there.

Same here, I hoped the problems were caused by Homey version 1.x but after upgrading the problem still occurs. The battery of my PIR v1 drains in about a month.

It’s probably not useful, but I’ve had a Neo Coolcam PIR v1 for almost 6 months now without changing the battery, and it’s still reporting 100% battery.
And since my dog triggers it, it’s triggered quite often during a day, at least 10 times.

I had the same issue with one of my own pir’s ( in this case it’s a pir v2). For some reason that one also drained battery really fast. After some investigation it turned out to be an range issue. At that time I had placed it in the hallway without any other zwave devices yet.

Probably the range was to large and therefore the device was going crazy. My guess is that its sending something, homey doesn’t respond so the device sended it again and again and again and again. After I replaced the led bulb in the hallway for a zwave capable one the problems gone away.

So the questions are:

  • Are there any powered zwave devices near that Pir?
  • Can you check at which route the pir takes to connect to homey?
  • Is it directly connected? What is the distance between Homey and that PIR?
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The PIR is located in the living room, the (only) other z-wave device is the Neo coolcam door sensor which is located at the front door (distance about ten metres).

The PIR is directly connected to Homey and there are about 4 metres between Homey and the PIR.

What was the distance between your PIR (v2) and Homey?

The distance was around 7 meters with a concrete wall in between. So 10 meters is way to much in my experience.

The 10 metres was the distance to the door sensor, which works fine. The PIR is (only?) 4 metres away from Homey and directly connected. I assume that is close enough?

Can I ask what setting you use for the ‘wake-up interval’?

The defaults. I never changed them

I have 3 of these sensors (working with Z-stick gen2 & OH2). One of them drain battery by 3mA. I did a quick comparison but didn’t see any difference and seem to have same resistor values.