Neo Coolcam PIR battery level does not change

I’m using your Neo Coolcam app in combination with 7 pir’s v2 for my alarm system. One thing I noticed is that the battery levels of the pir’s seem not to be updating very frequently (almost never if I look at Homey insights). They stay very long at 100%. After a few weeks one of my pir’s dropped to 1% in a a few days using the standard battery included !? I’m using the default settings. I see an RX(movement indication) of around 800 for some PIRS in the 14 hours Homey has been up.

Is this only happening for my setup or is this common behavior? And is the related to the firmware of the NEO pir’s or the NEO Homey app?

I observe the same phenomenon with my Neo Coolcam PIR V2 on default settings (have not tried to change anything so far). I wonder about the same as you and have no answers. :-/

After 80 days my neo coolcam pir is empty, with an brand new battery.
How long did yours last?

My Neo’s show the same behavior and batteries run empty in a week. Reset of the PIR, swapping PIR’s, other batteries - all did not help.

If there could be a solution so the batteries run for 6 months that would already be great! Any advice or is it the software?

Of course, the battery life also depends on the settings (e.g. reporting interval) and the environmental conditions (especially temperature).
I have been using 3 V2 (Product ID 4237) for about 5 months. All 3 PIR also show 100 %.
In Developer I noticed that the battery status of 2 PIR was updated 5 months ago (probably with the inclusion), and one was updated 6 days ago.
All 3 PIR have the same settings, including the wakeup interval.

@Undertaker, you use the NEOs for quite a long time. Did you also noticed problems with the battery status?

@MarcoRuiter, is there an explanation for the different behaviour and that the battery capacity drops from 100% to 1%?

I just checked that. All my Neos report the battery level correctly. The reports are not 24 hours old.

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Yes . A lot of zwave battery powered devices have this . Battery reports are mostly not picked up by honey and it also drops fast sometimes you get a 10% but mostly it’s 100 to 1 drop .

It’s a problem that canning be solved by homeys zwave core and athom

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nearly same with me:
2x V2 (Product ID 4237)
all 2 PIR show 100 %
battery status:
3 months (Battery change)
4 weeks ago (Battery change)

The neos do a good job regarding motion detection but you can’t trust the battery status at all. After 3 month the original batteries were empty. I changed the batteries against duracells.

I’m testing the philips motion sensors (indoor and outdoor) parallel regarding their battery life since a while. They report the battery level correctly in hours. But the test isn’t finished.

These are my settings (default).
After the first battery went dead I replaced the battery and removed it from my Z-wave network so I could add it back again using default settings.

Property Value
ID 2f55775a-abf4-4950-86fe-603d1c462787
Class sensor
Driver homey:app:com.neo — NAS-PD02ZE
Ready Yes
Available Yes
Warning No
Custom icon No
Key Value
token “d8170008-0bbe-4573-a083-558bafcc94ce”
Key Value
zw_node_id “80”
zw_manufacturer_id “600”
zw_product_type_id “3”
zw_product_id “4237”
zw_secure “⨯”
zw_battery “✓”
zw_device_class_basic “BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE”
zw_device_class_generic “GENERIC_TYPE_SENSOR_NOTIFICATION”
zw_device_class_specific “SPECIFIC_TYPE_NOTIFICATION_SENSOR”
zw_firmware_id “”
zw_application_version “3”
zw_application_sub_version “80”
zw_hardware_version “66”
zw_wakeup_interval 43200
zw_wakeup_enabled false
zw_group_1 “1”
zw_group_2 “”
zw_group_3 “”
zw_group_4 “”
motion_sensor_sensitivity “12”
motion_off_delay 60
basic_set_level 255
enable_PIR_function true
day_night_treshold 100
re-trigger_interval 8
illumination_polling_interval 180
enable_illumination_trigger false
illumination_report_threshold 10
motion_blink true
zw_configuration_value “”

My settings are slightly different. With my settings the energy consumption will probably be higher, but the LED is deactivated.

These are the different setting:
zw_wakeup_enabled: enabled
motion_off_delay: 30 s
illumination_report_threshold: 5 lux
motion_blink: false

After 80 days it was empty.
It’s in the livingroom so it will be triggering a lot so I understand that the battery won’t last 2 years.
But 80 days is a little short!

You could make a flow, that give you a warning when the battery drops below a given setting.
I am doing this for all my battery driven devices.
Then i got a warning that a device is running out of power.

Sorry for pulling this one back up to the list again, but I was wondering if more people use these devices with rechargeable batteries.

I am using those and thiey indicate to be 3 Volt, however, now I can only buy 3,7 Volt rechargeable batteries. Would that be an issue? Stores tell me to check the tolerance in the manual, but the manual of the Coolcam PIRs only show to use a CR123A, no indication of voltage.

I really don’t know if 3,7 V should be a problem, but I found two 3 V rechargeable CR123A batteries, but located in Germany:


Provided that 2mm overlength (!) can be compensated for, the RCR123A rechargeable Li-Ion 3V battery is a fully-fledged replacement for the non-rechargeable 3V photo battery of the CR123A design. A built-in Li-Ion battery with 3.6V to 3.7 Volt nominal voltage is regulated down to 3V with the help of electronics in the form of a PCB .


High quality Li-Ion CR123A (17335) battery from Trustfire. The imprint describes 1000mAh. However, the correct capacity is 500mAh!

But with 860 (upper model) resp. 500 mAh (lower model) they have a poor capacity.
However, I would also be interested to know how well they work and how long they last.

The ones I had from Etinesan were supposedly 1350mAh. It is pretty much ok. I make sure I always have some that are fully charged and I have to switch one every few weeks. I have about 22 devices that have these batteries