Neo coolcam wallplug not updating energy value after update

Neo coolcam wallplugs are not updating the energy values anymore after the latest update. 2.1.1.
Now my wallplug is not recognising my tv is on or off for switching lightmodes.
In the past I good reach the developer via the App Store.
How to reach the developer now?

See changelog fe in his repos on github for 2.1.0

I have the v2 neo coolcam plug and it is not update after the update from the app

No I only have V1 plugs
They are only updating after the “update time” and not by changing the value itself. They only update once by switching on, then only after update time

Take a look over here: Neo coolcam double switch werkt niet meer na update
Marco is active, so you should be able to get in touch. Also possible via the app page (the “report a problem link” on the bottom)

I get now the same on my fibaro plugs no update of the power homey problem and not neo coolcam problem

What Homey firmware are you running? Already upgraded to 3.1.1?
Then that could be the cause, else it would be a bit strange if it started to happen after an update from the Coolcam app.

I agree.
I think it’s the Coolcam app
It was the same problem at version 2.0.16 of the coolcam app

I’m running the latest Homey version V3.2.0-rc3

My homey is v3.1.1 and al my apps the have the latest version

Hmm. Then it could be caused by either one of the updates… :thinking:

I have the same issue as @Canedje. It occurred after the Neo Coolcam app update and the update to the latest rc bèta. Not sure which one the cause is. I Also have the old plugs.

Because Fred is running on V3.1.1 and we on V3.2.- rc3
I do believe it is the coolcam app

And now we wait for next update that solved the problem

I did react on an issue at GitHub discribing this problem.
Somebody mentioned that Marco was saying that something is wrong and he is working on a solution

I have two types of wallplugs: Product Type ID-Product ID 3-4231 and the other is 512-4135. I assume that 512-4135 is the version V2 wallplug. First I had paired the 512-4135 wallplugs as V1 and I have re-paired these as type V2. I think, that solved the problem. The Product IDs are visible in the “Advanced settings” of the wallplug.

This morning more problems tv and heos system are on ?

I see by 1 plug Product Type ID 3 and Product ID 4231 and firmware V 3 Sub versie 94 and hardware versie 65.

I see by other 3 plugs Product Type ID 3 and Product ID 4231and no firmware.

I think it is v2 plugs I check it this evening when I back from work.

Marco asked this at GitHub
I don’t know how to.
Somebody else?

Can someone test the latest github version by sideloading it to homey in debug mode

aka : athom app run :slight_smile:

I manually defined the parsers so it doesnt use the Athom mesh driver ones.

Let me know if this helps . Or if it gives any errors in de console log box

I tested yesterday I reinstall my plugs as V2 but no it is a V1 plug, but I can read here that de V1 plugs are working but my plugs are not updating the energie.

Who can help me to solve this problem.

It has always worked very well, can the app be rewritten so it works again very well.

On tv power and on heos power I dim my lamps or send my lamps on or off, now it is not working anymore, women also angry, what to do now ?

Just be calm
Marco is busy with it

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Oke thanks