Neo coolcam powerplug

Hello, i want to use a neo coolcam power plug in a flow with the energy measering. But i can’t get realtime results only every 5 minutes.
Do i something wrong ??

Have you tried to adjust the “meter report interval” setting? That is 300 sec (5 mins) by default. Minimum you can specify is 60 sec.

Yes i did, that don’t work

I think i just found out why this is. Is this a plug you bought recently? Is it added as a secure device (see advanced settings page on the app or the developer page online)?

If so, then you have the new model and it appears all or most parameter ID’s have changed and even the standard options on the device page aren’t working anymore.

I already opened a github issue.

Oké, i recieved them just last week front Ali. Thanks you for your help !

Removed. Will post a new how to in short time.

Hey, i only van fill in three numbers instead of four. See screenshots.
What i want is put the powerplug between my tv reciever and when i turn that on that Homey put my tv and stereo also on.

But we want realtime results? Like a report every second? Why we want that?
When power changed with the percentage u filled in the settings of the device , the plug WILL report the change. Like when power changed of the tv in above example and the change is more then 50% the plug WILL report this and u can use that to turn on the stereo. No need to change the advanced parameters for that. The advanced parameters only change the report on power consumption wether there is a change in power or not.

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Sorry, my bad. Copied it from another thread where i explained how to do this from the developers page. And there you need to provide the ‘device id first’ and then the 3 values. In the settings of the device you don’t have to supply the device number, you are in it’s settings page… :blush:
I adjusted it, so now it’s correct.

And like Rocodamelshe said, the device will always report the value if the threshold is met, regardless of the report interval setting. The report setting interval is only to report all values at a certain time, even if the threshold isn’t met.

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That is the problem, he don’t report when the energy is above the value i set in my flow. Maybe the problem is the % what is changed, it uses litte more energy when its on than when its standby.
Anybody knows that ?

What does your flow look like? Can you post a screenshot?
And did you have a look at the insight graph of the plug? Maybe also post a shot of that?

Hoi Peter, i know what the problem is, it is the % in change . Is it possible to change that ? Now it’s 80% standard.

Click the cogwheel on the top right and choose advanced settings

That won’t work, see
“If so, then you have the new model and it appears all or most parameter ID’s have changed and even the standard options on the device page aren’t working anymore.”
from PetervdK earlyer post.

Hang on, i will look it up in the new manual…

It is parameter 9, the values are explained here.

Mind that it is about amps, not watts.

But that’s the one he’s not looking for?

You are right, Rocodamelshe, the amps are steady, the watts are changing. That’s what i need.
Please Peter, van you also help me whith that ?

Nope. The plugs only report on amps change, not on watts change. Both versions don’t.

That is, they report the values of course, but triggering on the amount changed is not an adjustable trigger for the watts.

U sure about that?

:tired_face::tired_face::sob::sob:that is not funny