Neo Coolcam wallplugs not updating values after update 2.0.16

Neo Coolcam app just updated to V2.0.16.
After that the values of the powerplugs are not updated anymore
So flows are not triggered anymore at changes.
Is somebody recognize the same problem?

Edit: the values are changng But it looks like random.
Its anoughing. I use the value to recognize if tv is on or of to change dim values of the lights.
So sometimes after a while dim values change a lot of times not.

Some ideas?

Same here. Values are not updated. I already tried to restart the app and also restarted homey. No change.


I did already added an issue at the app site.
The answer is that it is nothing to do with the app, But the Core off Homey itself.
It is not sending realtime the values over the meshnetwork.
So Athom has to do something

That’s seems strange to me… It was working before the app-update, now the app got updated and it doesn’t work anymore. And this is Homey’s issue?

Your right.
After updat 2.0.17
It worked oké again

well, to be honest, we were both a bit right and wrong. Seemed to be an issue with the mesh-driver which formally isn’t part of Homey core but almost is…

2.0.17 has issues with al the wallplugs.

Did a full restart. No joy.

What does the error say? Did you wait long enough?
by the way: time to hook your phone to an outlet :wink:

Error says device not available. Cant switch them. Nothing. Also interesting. They were added “light” (attached device). The now state “other”.

Outlet? There’s still 18% left. Confortable until 00:00, easy. :wink:

I did go from 2.0.17 beta to 2.0.17 stable.
After that i had to pair all Neo devices again.
After that everything worked fine again

Hmmm i hope not. There’s Some flows there.

Hmmm i see the heimdall app is nagging as well. Could be that heimdall keeps the sensors occupied :thinking:

Edit: nope! No influence from the heimdall app.

After PtP neo seems to be running ok. :partying_face: