Problem with NeoCoolcam PIR V2

I am having problems with installing a Neo Coolcam PIR V2.
I already have 8 of these installed, and just bought a new one (Robbshop).
When adding the device i select the NeoCoolcam PIR V2, and then press 3 times the button and repeat this for the second time. The Homey is then showing Wait for the device to be added.
But then i receive a message that there is NO app installed in the Homey, and that the device will be added as Simple Device…
The NeoCoolcam App v 2.1.3 is installed and all the other devices are functioning.
Is this a problem with the App or is this a defective PIR??


And did u try version 2.1.8 ?

And you did a little search?

Try the test version

Edit our amstel guy was faster :+1:


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I just installed v 2.1.8 and now it’s working.
Thank you all for the help


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Sorry but there seems to be an onther problem.
In the settings you can set how long the motion dectection ON should be.
I have several devices set to 10 seconds, and that works fine.
The one i just installed with the 2.1.8 version seems to ignore this settings.
When i enter 10, the on time is 60 seconds (that is the default value).
I have tried several settings, but everything below 30 seconds does not work. It looks like that is the minimum. Don’t know if this is a app-bug??


I had the same thing. I killed the iPhone App and restarted it, then it worked fine for me.

Also you have to wake up the sensor and then it should be updated.

Hello Marcel,
I already tried that. The sensor is awake (3 pushes on the button) and the the app confirms the update (Green bar).
But the problem is that the sensor is not complying with the time settings…

Also keep in mind that the values does need to change from the previous save, otherwise a parameter is not send to the device.

It seems to be more than that. My seller (Robbshop) also has put a warning on there webshop, that these PIR’s do not work correctly with the Homey at this time…

Hi Henk. I bought 3 pieces from AliExpress, V2 and they work like it should be. All vallues can be changed and updated.