Philips Hue motion sensors connection to bridge drops on and off

My Hue motion sensors used to work great until I disconnected the Philips Hue account from my Google account and installed the Philips Hue app (with bridge) on Homey. That’s when the problems started. They kept losing connection with the bridge. Now I have uninstalled the app from Homey and reconnected my Philips Hue to my Google Home account again. So now I use all lights via the Google speakers again but the motion sensors keep losing connection. This used to work great. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

I changed both batteries with new Duracells. The first sensor is on the same floor at +/- 3m distance. One thin wall in between. The other one is at the first floor at 5m. Funny thing is that it always worked fine until I started using Homey.

But wouldn’t a channel conflict have a bad effect on the lights themselves too? The lights that are not motion controlled all react perfectly. So that’s why I would think it is a problem with the sensors. But I will look into changing the channel. Can’t hurt,…
I’ll keep you posted.

Hi Roy, You’re right! :joy: It appears that the lights communicate with the bridge differently than the switches and sensors. I found the text below on a site of Beaumotica.

Het kan zijn dat je je lampen prima kan bedienen met de app, terwijl je moeite hebt met de hue schakelaar. Ze communiceren namelijk via een iets andere weg:
Je app communiceert via wifi naar je internetrouter, waar je Bridge bedraad aan is aangesloten, vervolgens communiceert de Bridge via ZigBee naar lampen.
De Hue schakelaars zenden via ZigBee, ze proberen dan de Bridge en lampen te bereiken. De weg naar je Bridge en lampen zijn in dit geval dus beide afhankelijk van je ZigBee bereik.

So changing the channel might work. I will try that tonight and let you know.

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Hi Roy, I changed the channel in the Hue app and so far it seems to have solved the problem. Since last Friday not once the motion detector failed. So it looks good.