Hue Outdoor motion sensor

I have used several Hue motion sensors (both indoor and outdoor) through the app Philips Hue without the bridge for several years. I has happened several times that a sensor is disconnect and the only way to reconnect it has been to delete it and reinstall it. Very annoying, but it has worked. Recently one of my outdoor sensors disconnects within a few hours after repairing which makes it unusable. I have been think about getting a Hue bridge and switch to the official Hue app. BUT from what I can see the outdoor motion sensor is not supported in the official app. Is that correct?

You can pick “outdoor occupancy sensor” when you want to add the motion sensor.

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The outdoor sensor is supported. I have four of them and they are working fine with Hue with a bridge.


Ok, thanks for your replies. I will get an Hue bridge and really hope that is solves my issues with disconnecting Hue sensors.

Any success? I also have the hue outdoor sensor and my is also loosing connection every few hours. So very annoying.

Have tried with different batteries but didnt help.

Iam using the hue without bridge app and had it working flawless for over a year before it suddenly started acting up…

If HP2023: check the note for the latest 10.3.3 firmware.

Naah, still got the old one :slight_smile:

Yes, since I got the Hue bridge and switched app it has worked without any issues.