Warning Firmware v2.5.0-rc.5 experimental - Zigbee failed

Zigbee after update dead. Homey and Homey pro the same problem.
Restart does not help
Cold start does not help either.

Don’t install this Update !

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Yes zigbee fails with the new firmware .

Dont update for now . Athom seems to be offline and the 2.5 still isnt pulled from rollout .

dont update


Zigbee works fine overhere. Version early 2019

Update is pulled, on slack:

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I updated and zigbee is working…

feel the temp of you’re homey :wink:

When can we expect the zigbee fix for version V2.5.0-rc.5 ?



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Zigbee Problem ist fixes.

Rc.9 seems like the problem is back again

I have the rc9 installed on Homey and Homey pro.
Zigbee works on both homeys. :man_shrugging:
Please restart your Homey.


Is the new firmware for the zigbee problem that has been going on for a year


zigbee has a delay during homey’s start up before it starts up, so let homey boot up for several minutes before concluding that zigbee failed (again)

Tried that. Even rebooted homey again (both hard and soft) but I have no updates from the sensors since rc.9 was installed. So something is really weird with my zigbee radio now after rc.9 update.