Please help, no more working Z-Wave devices after update

These all should work perfectly fine with V5, so don’t panic just yet. If you just updated, especially if you did so manually, you might not have gotten all the updated apps yet. This is most important for zigbee, but it could also apply to z-wave. If some of the devices that route for others are not working just yet, it might explain all of your troubles.

So first of all I would check to see if all the corresponding apps of the devices you mention are up to date. Go to the app store to see if there’s a newer version, but also check if there is a “test” version (don’t take this to literally, most times it’s the well tested v5 version instead of the older V4 version.
You do this by putting /test behind the url of the app in the app store. If you stay in the same page, that is the latest, if you get a banner for the test version, install that version.

If that doesn’t work, there’s the usual suspects for weird behavior:
Perform a PTP (more than 10 minutes off power).
Try a different adapter of 2.1A or higher

If that doesn’t help: try this procedure (ignore that this is Zigbee related, it’s to make sure you got the full update for V5): HOWEVER: YOU CAN SKIP THE ZIGBEE RESET, since you don’t seem to have trouble there. A zigbee reset will require you to relink any zigbee devices).