Zigbee issue (5.0.0-rc47)

Who says that’s the only fix they did since 43? I believe they are working on the known zigbee issues. And it’s part of being experimental, issues can occur and should be reported properly to the right channel and athom won’t ignore the people who report. Not sure if you did some report to Athom, I do hope so, cause complaining here without notifying Athom first is not the way.

I’m still on 4.2 and I have no major zigbee issues. No intention yet to go to the experimental version. Just saying there are happy people with Homey connected to lots of different Zigbee devices (Philips, Aqara, Plugwise, Ledvance, Innr)

In my case it’s already stable, use homey now for almost 1 year


I’m on experimental Homey v5.0.0-rc.48 and have no zigbee majors at all. Since I switched to the experimental versions my zigbee network is more stable. I have connected Philips, Aqara, Innr and Ikea and all works fine.


Today my homeys zigbee died two times. Followed this steps and it worked again for a few hours but now it happened again, what’s going on? Running rc.50

@Tb please send a diagnostics report to Athom and contact Athom support; they’ll be able to support you further (and in previous cases are able to resolve the problem).

They need to get additional diagnostics logs to get to the root cause of this issue.

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@harmenkuijer I would recommend to remove the steps mentioned, even though they might have resolved the problem for you. This to ensure that Athom support gets all additional diagnostics loggings to resolve this problem.

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Okey, i have now contacted athom. It suck that this happening now, i don’t know when they are able to fix this. Nothing is working at home now :pensive:

I guess that’s why it’s called an experimental firmware. As in: things may break at any time :woozy_face:


It is experimental, and that sometimes coms with a price. Maybe you have to change your settings so you dont update to the newest versions.

Not sometimes, always. I’m updating to fix other issues not to add new ones with all the old issues. Now I’m on RC.50, and i still have issues from RC.38.

And you did a full Zigbee reset?

Yes I did and then a restore from backup

That’s not the correct order: first do a restore from backup, then do a full Zigbee reset. And yes, that means you need to add all your Zigbee devices to Homey again. No shortcuts.


I have now done this. Today it happened again so this order didn’t help me.

No answer yet from Athom? Based on issues that you encounter, I decided to stick to v4 and wait for the final V5 release.

And the solution of this topic also didn’t work? Or is this exactly what you just did :slight_smile:

This issue keeps haunting me. After doing a restore my system seems fine for 3-5 days at the time, before it looses Zigbee again.

I have not done a Full Zigbee Reset yet, and I was really hoping not to have have to go through the pain of building the Zigbee part of my Homey all from scratch again.

If I’m not mistaken, that would mean loosing all of my historic data from sensors (I’m particular worried about about losing all my temp sensor history).
Also I will have to rebuild all flows including these devices again, right?
Any help to get here?

Here’s another possible solution: Zigbee fully down - #2 by matrover

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Sorry Robert, but isn’t this the same same solution as described in this thread? Or am I missing something obvious here?

Uh yes, sorry, kinda confusing when people start copying their solutions to different threads :woozy_face:

If that also doesn’t work for you, you should contact Athom (support@athom.com) to see if they have an alternative solution. They will also be able to tell you the consequences of doing a Zigbee reset (I don’t know if you’ll lose historic sensor data; I do know that you will have to rebuild all your flows).


Historic sensor data is lost. If you want to keep the data you will have to take action on that (there is an app for that I think). Also make sure to add your items to Heimdall(settings) as these are also deleted/reset.

First time in three years, with all the experimental builds and tampering… i have some zigee issues. Some sensors do not report back or responed very late like the motion sensors. My mesh is like a mess so no mesh at all, but everything was working. So i try not to fix stuff when its not broken, but i think maybe a complete rebuild is advised? Or wait for a fix from athom?? I have 16 x aqara, 2x innr sp120 and one OSRAM plug. I can still add devices (aqara motion sensor) only close to Homey it does not work far away from homey at another place in my house ( trough one of the innr plugs that are close)