Homey frustrations


Having my homey pro since a while,
I was expecting the known issues to be solved with time: like a LAN port,
Even with a new power plug, i need to manually reboot my homey once a week to keep things working
And i had an internet outage with consequences yesterday Internet outage

I was looking at hubitat but it seems too US based and not enough integrations / protocols
Would you know another home box, stable, users friendly (i dont consider apple home kit to be user friendly enough) The french eedomus has little integrations and is really old now,

any idea what could be a good alternative?

As this is a “Off-Toppic”, then pls. take next not to seriously :wink:

Sit down, relax and attempt to live together with Your choice. Every system having own strength/weak-nesses. If You want “ideal system” - then You must build it by yourself from scratch.

From my previous life - had Fibaro, but from my personal point of view, they had only promises. Lot of things they promised, but never come out or just closed during the flight. Also the HC3 with “all connections and protocols” (last i looked, there was small-print “hardware on board but no software support”). But… yeah, to compare with Homey: They have lot graphical designers and marketroids on board, but no programmers :wink: So, may-be it worth to check, if You searching beauty. Hmm, about stability - from my experiences, they are quite equal with Homey. About security - have some concerns, but as not 100% sure, do not speaking here more, than “look the local https”.

PS. About the Homey to. Changed, because it seems more a DIY system, but for my personal disappointment this is JS only solution. What me to do with JS module, when attempting to program in C++ and use REST interface.

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Very true, I was having offline issues and it was frustrating, but from a week or 10 days ago the offline issue has gone for good, the response is so fast with my iphone short-cuts.

Can anyone confirm or its just me?

After having my homey pro without any single offline message for two weeks, yesterday it came back to the reality with offline messages. I assume the issue is related to their cloud system, not a power issue or antenna.

Pretty sure whatever it is, it’s not related to Athom cloud since you’d expect that to affect at least many if not all users and you’d have seen a lot more noise on the forums had that been the case. Seems much more likely to be a local network issue.

No, it’s a Homey issue. Not specifically a cloud issue, but Homey and its apps have a very convoluted way of communicating which can cause “Homey is offline” messages where, in fact, Homey isn’t offline at all. Search for homey offline here on the forum.

The Homey prime time comes again, now i am running my homey pro for 3 weeks without single restart at all, its super fast… no delays whatsoever, hope it stays like this.