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No wifi, no Homey? (Bug report?)

Hi everyone,
Since a couple of days, I’m having this issue:
I use Homey to switch off my wifi router over a Devolo Z-Wave wall plug at night.
In the morning, I wake up to a glowing red Homey and no devices activated on timers etc. Including the wifi router, for which I made a flow to fire up at about 7am.

It appear as though the timed Z-wave ‘On’ command from Homey to the Devolo hasn’t been issued, possibly because Homey itself had no network connection (on the same wifi lan, of course).

Does anyone else have this issue? Or did I miss a notification that the update to v2.0.0 meant Homey would be full-time dependent on wifi connection?

Thanks in advance for looking into this!
@ Homey Staff: if you have the time, I created diagnostics report 93546C650C.


Homey staff doesn’t track this forum on a regular basis, but you can contact them via the form on https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

As for your problem: Homey is supposed to work without an internet connection just fine. However, I’m not sure if it is supposed to work without WiFi. In theory, I don’t see why it would need a WiFi-connection since it has the radio transmitters for the RF protocols built-in.


It should work without wifi ( I tested that once by creating a flow that goes on a timer and shutdown the wifi access point). But maybe this is a issue with 2.0?

Thanks for pointing me to the support form, I issued a request that way. Hadn’t found it yet by myself :slight_smile: Homey used to work fine without wifi until update to v2.0.0… Might have something to do with that. Would be a severe bummer, though. The ability to switch wifi on/off is the main reason why started tinkering with smart devices in the first place…

Indeed, it worked fine until the update… Anxiously awaiting word from Athom now, will post back any further info.

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