Homey goes offline once in a while

Today my system informed me that Homey went offline. This is the 3rd time over the last 2 months that Homey spontaniously went offline. Once during my vacation which is not the right moment to be disconnected. After plugin the power Homey starts-up and is functioning ok. Homey is working ok during the period of offline, I only cannot connect to it. I’m running on 2.2.0.

Do you happen to be using the Hue app as well? If so, take a look here.

I only have the HUE Zigbee app installed. Would that have the same effect on Homey.

No, I think the other issue was only with the Hue bridge app.

I had the same behavior yesterday. Homey offline, everything else working. Restart (PTP) solved it. Was the first time though, hope it will not become a regular thing…

Not solving the underlying issue but I recommend creating a flow that restarts Homey every night or based on that Homey have no internet connection. This is good practice when it comes to many server based systems.

It’s really not.

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@robertklep, did not write “best practice” :wink:
It’s just very common one have to schedule reboots to keep quite a few systems running…

Best practice… make the system stable enough! :smiley:

I don’t think I have ever used scheduled reboots to keep systems running more stable :stuck_out_tongue:

(well, okay, there’s only one device in my home that I would want to reboot on a schedule, namely the modem from my internet provider. But that’s because it’s a piece of sh*t)

It sounds at least an valid option for when I’m on vacation. Do you have an example of such a flow. Thx in advance for your support

Create a new flow that triggers with the interval you wish (eg. daily/bi-daily at 3 am) and use the “system”/“restart Homey” card as action card.

Is there a trigger/condition possible when off-line

I’m afraid you’re not the only one. In my case Homey goes offline or whatever and everything stops working. I have to reboot Homey to get things working.

I also scheduled a daily reboot early in the morning, but still - yesterday to be exact - Homey again went offline!?

Could it be that it has something to do with changes or disruptions taking place in the cloud?

And I agree, off course this happened to me also being on holiday. That’s the period this really shouldn’t happen.

Same here. PTP doesn’t always make any difference. Homey will eventually come back online after some time. This leads me to believe it may be a cloud problem.

I don’t want to resort to automatic daily or nightly reboots, especially if I’m out of the country, as that would reset variables, security system status, etcetera.

I had the same problem and identified the Hue App was causing that homey was offline twice a day. After I have reported the issue to Athom they brought an update an now Homey is stable without any reboots during the night.

If your homey is offline once a day, just deactivate one app after the other and see if homey stay online. Then you are able to find the app which is causing issues.

All the best

Since I moved tot “another” provider XS4ALL with it’s Fritz router I have had NO offline situation any more. I switched over beginning match. IT is freakingen bit thuis night Homey went offline.

I also still have this issue. I hope switching to a different provider will solve it for me as well. I’m moving to a new house and new provider in July, fingers crossed.

I can t find the “system”/“restart Homey” card. Where can i find it or do i have to create it in Homeyscript?
Thx in advance for your help.

Hi @David_Zwart.
Ah, you will have to enable experimental functions in settings first.

I have the same issue that sometimes Homey mentions it’s offline. But this time I tried to PtP (25 minutes without power and then waited another 20 minutes). But after this time it still mentions its offline. Any suggestions what to do?

I got a homey pro early 2019 with 4.2.0
The led ring functions as normal, not a red ring of death.